Jon Boat to Catfish Rig

Big Cat River Fishing’s project is complete! He called it the Jon Boat to Catfish Rig. Check out this video of the completed project and the maiden voyage. Nice job man, great project! YouTube Channel: Big Cat River Fishing… ...Read More

Two Presentations for Clear Water Smallies

Below is a Quabbin Reservoir fishing report that talks about two presentations for clear water smallies by Will Wetline from the local to me NEF website. Trust me when I tell you to add Quabbin Reservoir smallmouth bass fishing to your bucket list. Two Presentations for Clear Water Smallies The air temp was 52º and the water was 60.2º at 7:30. The north wind was… ...Read More

My First Fish of 2017

My first fish of 2017 is in the books. I was hanging out with my friends Alex and Elias and we decided to go fishing at a local watering hole called Dean Park pond. If you know anything about Dean Park Pond, you know it’s small and shallow and has fountains that light up at night. I actually think the fountains help with pond aeration, and it does not seem to bother… ...Read More

Garmin VIRB 360

I just read that Garmin is coming out with a new Camera called the Garmin VIRB 360. Looks like it’s going to have some neat features like 5.7k/30fps resolution and 4 built in microphones. That’s huge as we know the sound capture on what’s out there now is OK at best. One thing I saw on the website is that it can constantly record for more than 1 hour… ...Read More

Fasco Steelflex 2000

Check out this video of a Fasco Steelflex 2000 application on a jon boat. If you’re looking for a super slick coating and protection for your boat, look no further. Link: Fiberglass Supply Depot… ...Read More

The Original BiCO Jig

Let’s talk about a lure called the Original BiCO jig. If you have fished the Original BiCO jig, carry on, you already know what this jig is capable of. If you don’t know what an Original BiCO jig is, It’s time to make this jig part of your fishing arsenal. The Original BiCO jig is different. It’s not a run-of-the-mill football jig, arkey… ...Read More