Lews BB1 Speed Spool Casting Reel

Here is an article written by TinBoats member Fender 66 about the Lews BB1 Speed Spool Casting Reel. I promised to write a review so here it is from the perspective of a non professional fishing addict. I was able to get out on the water again on Tuesday of this week. Went to a lake to practice fish some plastics that I’m not comfortable with, but primarily try… ...Read More

buying a used aluminum boat

This article is a beginners guide to buying a used aluminum jon boat . How to assess and apply your needs to available platforms, determine value, transfer, register, engines, and trailers. This basic guide will help first time buyers get into a reliable, cost efficient vessel. 1.1 Introduction 1.1a Registration 1.1b Sale Venues 1.2 Hull Size 1.2a Hull Type… ...Read More

Black Dog Shell Cracker G2

Here is a swimbait that caught my eye, the Black Dog Shell Cracker G2. I like the action of this bait and I like the fact that it is only 1.5 ounces. No special equipment needed for this bait. I will probably use my 7’6 Extra Heavy Jig rod for this. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Do you have this bait? Let me know what you think of it.┬áTake a moment… ...Read More

Albright Bridgestone Waders

This is going to be my review of the bridestone waders I purchased from Albright. I got on their mailing list and pretty much on a monthly basis I get an email letting me know about their “70% off sale”. If this is their marketing scheme, it works. I purchased a pair of their Bridgestone waders for a whopping $65.48 delivered. I understand you get what… ...Read More

SpiderWire sunglasses

I purchased a pair of Spiderwire sunglasses because I misplaced the sunglasses I had. Finding a good pair of sunglasses is hard to do. Finding polarized sunglasses that will not break the bank is even tougher. Cruising through the fishing section of my local Walmart I came across a display of Spiderwire sunglasses. My first impression was that they looked sporty… ...Read More

Win a Boga Grip!

Attention TinBoats members and potential TinBoats members here is an opportunity to win an IGFA certified Boga Grip. I know it’s no boat or a million dollar prize, but it is a prize that is just plain cool. Everyone wants one, no one wants to spend the coin to buy one unless you are hardcore. I will buy you one. But, just like in life, nothing is for free. This… ...Read More