Yanmar Dtorque 111

Well, well, well, what do we got going on over here? Diesel Outboards? This thing is a beast and consumes less fuel. The Yanmar Dtorque 111 is the one of the worlds smallest diesel outboards. Some high level specs direct from the Yanmar site state that this is a twin cylinder 50hp diesel outboard engine with an expected lifespan of over 10,000 hours. It will deliver 50hp to the prop at 2,500 rpm. Below is a picture and a blurb taken right from the Yanmar Marine site:

Dtorque 111

The compact Dtorque 111 is designed to revolutionize the small workboat market where its expected lifespan of well over 10,000 hours at least doubles that of any comparable outboard gasoline engine. The Dtorque 111 offers a remarkably smooth and quiet diesel engine, delivering 50 hp at the propeller with a stunning torque output of 111 Nm at just 2,500 rpm. This is considerably better than the latest 70 hp 4-stroke gasoline models and more than enough to quickly accelerate most small craft onto the plane with plenty of low-down lugging power for heavy displacement duty.

To create the Dtorque 111 the German developer and manufacturer Neander deconstructed conventional small-diesel engineering to first principles. The result is a two-cylinder common-rail turbo charged diesel engine, using a unique system of dual counter-rotating crankshafts in an aluminum block, which dramatically reduces the vibration levels that a conventional small two-cylinder diesel engine would normally generate. This technology with a patented ‘Spaceball’ design not only achieves less vibration but also less noise, lighter boat handling and less stress on the engine.

What do you think? I can see the need and want for diesel outboards. I would like to get some thoughts on this. This outboard screams work horse.

Manufacture Link: Yanmar Marine


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