Boat Seating made easy with the SliderG5

Here is a product that actually makes sense. For those of you with jon boats or v-boats sometimes all you want is a little more comfort for a day on the water. The idea behind the SliderG5 is a simple solution to a long time problem that deals with fixing the comfort level of good old bench seats. Anyone who has spent even a couple of hours on a Tin boat knows the first thing that needs to be done is figure out a way to get a comfortable seat on it as soon as possible. Some of you own smaller 10-12 foot jon boats that are not wide enough for decks. That should not stop you from trying to make your boat as comfortable as possible. How about putting a seat on that can move left to right in any position along the bench at any time? Brilliant!  Say goodbye to those clamp on thingys forever. This product is made in America and it is dirt cheap. The return of investment is priceless. Your wallet will thank you, your passengers will thank you, and your back will  definitely thank you. Head on over to SliderG5 and take a look at a truly great product! Read the article Mike wrote about the SliderG5 here. Check out this promotional video to see the hype for yourself!