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I need to buy a new battery for my boat and I see that the Cabelas AGM Battery is on sale. I am not sure if there is anything special about this battery, but it’s on sale so that brings it to the top of my list. Something else I noticed while surfing the Cabelas website was that the AGM battery gets mostly great reviews. Since this battery is the only thing that is going to power my boat, I need to make sure this battery is a winner.

Cabela’s Advanced Angler AGM Batteries


Cabelas AGM Battery Description

  • Leakproof, vibration- and impact-resistant design
  • Dual purpose for deep cycle or cranking applications
  • High charge retention and super-long life span
  • Dual posts (some models)

Taken directly from the description on the Cabelas site:

The next generation of dual-post lead-acid batteries, our revolutionary Advanced Anglers series uses a separator similar to fiberglass to hold the electrolyte in place. This physical bond between the separator fibers, the lead plates and the container completely eliminates leaks and makes these some of the most vibration- and impact-resistant batteries on the market. These completely maintenance-free batteries also serve double duty on the water, serving as either a cranking battery or a deep-cycle power source. In testing, this design lasted through up to 600 drain/charge cycles, giving it a life span far surpassing conventional batteries. Includes one threaded post (wing nuts included). Meets all EPA/OSHA marine requirements. FAA and DOT approved. Cabela’s return policy applies.

Final Thought

Weighing in at 60 Lbs. makes it one heavy battery. Could I get away with a lighter one? Possibly. The one that’s on sale is the single post 27, but it’s almost $80 cheaper. What do you think? Should I take the plunge or buy something else?

Product link: Cabelas AGM Battery

2 thoughts on “Cabelas AGM Battery

  1. I got an AGM battery from Wesr Marine, and was very pleased with it’s ability to run my trolling motor and front depth finder for a strong 12 hour day. I can’t tell you if it will last 600 cycles because it was stolen out of my boat. I will probably purchase an AGM again when the boat is re-rigged

  2. What you need to be thinking of is your cranking amps and your amp hour rating.
    It is more resistant to leakage however is it worth the extra cost and weight.
    We use similar batteries in the race cars however these are extream conditions where
    damage from vibration and impact and upside down are much more likely.
    if your going to be tournament fishing in bad weather with big waves and pounding the hull and running at hi speed then it would be a consideration to think about. However, if your a fair weather fisherman then as long as its STRAPPED DOWN SECURLY I don’t see the need. I’ve always had regular batteries and never had an issue.
    As far as duel rating, I have one. It’s was the only one available when my trolling battery died.
    I did use it for 2 weeks in that position. I found it was at a lower charge at the end of the day.
    I swapped it to starting duty and bought a dedicated deep cycle and it’s been in this position for years.
    Again your ratings are your guide.
    2 batteries with the same rating ,and one is lighter and much cheaper, for me it’s an easy decision.
    I cannot give an opinion on the ability for the battery to have all these cycles. How many cycles will another style battery give you? I have never done any research. So that in itself may be the deciding factor. I’d be curious to know…….

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