My First Fish of 2017

My first fish of 2017 is in the books. I was hanging out with my friends Alex and Elias and we decided to go fishing at a local watering hole called Dean Park pond.

If you know anything about Dean Park Pond, you know it’s small and shallow and has fountains that light up at night. I actually think the fountains help with pond aeration, and it does not seem to bother the fish or the abundance of turtles that live in the pond.The water is your typical kettle type pond, clear at the shallow edges but murky as it gets deeper towards the middle.

We went to a spot where there were many rocks and logs in the water. We all stood a couple yards apart and started casting. I was using a good old trusty Mepps Spinner.

At first, no luck. There were no signs of fish anywhere. All of a sudden Elias got a huge bite, but he lost it. Not long after that, I felt a massive tug on my line which caught me off guard. I set the hook and started reeling it in. It didn’t take long to pull it in. Showing off in front of everyone, I flung the bass up with all my might on to the shore. At this point your probably expecting a massive record breaking bass. Sorry to disappoint you. Well, with my excitement to get the bass in my hands, I horsed the Bass on to shore and the rod snapped like a twig. I thank my lucky stars that it was not my favorite combo, instead I broke my dads rod. Ouch!

The largemouth bass was less than two pounds. I was pleasantly surprised considering it came from Dean Park Pond. It wasn’t my biggest bass ever and a rod was now in two, but I was still happy. Overall, it was an awesome first fishing experience of 2017.

3 thoughts on “My First Fish of 2017

  1. Thanks for breaking my favorite dropshot combo! I’ve only had it for 10+ years and you only used it once. You’re lucky I want a new rod anyway.

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