Lowrance HDS Carbon Sweet 16

The new Lowrance HDS Carbon Sweet 16 is all about excess. There is nothing really more to say. With a whopping price tag of around 5k it puts it in an elite group of snobby folks. The question to ask is when is it too much? Soon you will see some joker who has two of them side by side on his fancy rig. Is that what’s needed to fish competitive these days? To win? Seriously? Even if I could afford it, I would not spend it on a 16 inch screen. Soon folks will not be happy if they don’t have a 42-inch screens on their boats. Lowrance, I have a suggestion, how about making awesome units like the HDS Carbon series more affordable and making up your profits buy getting more of them out there in the hands of the 95% who work all week and fish on weekends.

Lowrance wouldn’t be making these units though if people weren’t buying them. I don’t see many of Tin nation spending 5k for this unit when these things cost more than most of our boats.

But to each his own. If you have the urge and desire to have one of these units, you can read about them here.

Lowrance, If by chance you read this and would love to see one of these fancy units on a 12 foot Jon boat, Please send one my way for a fair and balanced review. 😉

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