LunkerHunt Prop Frog

Oh man, LunkerHunt is coming out with a new soft body bait called the LunkerHunt Prop Frog and I feel as though it will be my go to bait when the topwater bite is on. I am a big fan of the LunkerHunt frog. This new prop frog will have rotating feet that remind me of propellers. Picture a soft body whopper plopper with 2 tails that will be able to go through the slop. No doubt that the whopper plopper is an awesome bait, but the big fish also hang out in the thick stuff. A whopper plopper does me no good there. I love the idea of a hollow body soft bait with fish attracting legs that spin and just cause commotion on the surface in between the pads.

Lunker Hunt Prop Frog

Looking at these pictures I see some things that I’m not sure of. Will the extra hook in the rear cause hangups coming through slop? Seems to me that it would. If  you’re strictly pounding lily pads it shouldn’t be an issue though. I plan to buy one and put it through the ringer. I will follow up with a review when done.

LunkerHunt Prop Frog

LunkerHunt Prop Frog side shot LunkerHunt Prop Frog Tail

LunkerHunt Youtube Video

Check out this quick video from LunkerHunt.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on the LunkerHunt Prop Frog.

Amazon Link: LunkerHunt Baits

Manufacturer URL: LunkerHunt

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