Mattlures Hardgills

Mattlures is coming out with some new Hardgills. The Mattlures Hardgill is an awesome swimbait, so is an improvement to the original even needed? Below is how Matt described the new Mattlures Hardgill:

The biggest improvement is my new resin. I have made my own mix and added some ingredients which make these things just about unbreakable. The fins are a little shorter and a little thicker at the base and I have not been able to break them even after casting onto rocks on purpose. I was able to get some minor scratching but no chips. I believe these are the most durable resin hard baits on the market. I also made the eyes a little bigger and I improved my paint patterns. The tail is no longer made of soft plastic. Now I am using an extremely durable rubber that will stand up to even toothy fish. The joints are cleaner and tighter by looking at them but they are actually a little more free swimming. The baits swim incredible at all speeds. They swim at the slowest of speeds and they thump hard when speed up. The thumping will call strikes. I have wakers, divers, lipless and slolem gills. I have floaters slow sinking and fast sinking. I have 1 joint and 2 joints and YES THAT IS A BRAND NEW 4 INCH BABY HARDGILL!!!!!!

You know me, I am a sucker for new baits, and a double jointed 4 inch baby hargill is in my future. I will be buying two of them, one for me and one for a future giveaway on the site. For now, feast your eyes on the pictures.

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