Muit’s Mouse

I have been on a swimbait kick lately and am very excited that the Muit’s Mouse that is about to come out. Here is the first look at the newly redesigned prototype of the muit’s mouse. The muit’s mouse is the brainchild of Bill Quattrucci of Bill’s Bait & Tackle of Norton, Mass. Bill took his original muit mouse and redesigned it to make it the best mouse swimbait ever. I don’t have much information on this bait yet so just look at the pictures and drool like I am. Keep checking Bill’s website for any new information on availability. Bill is very knowledgeable about fishing and in particular swimbait fishing especially on the east coast. A visit to his tackle shop or local forum search and you will see the countless number of HAWG bass he constantly, constantly, constantly catches. Bill is no joke when it comes to Bass fishing. Bill also runs his own forum, so if you have any questions about the muit’s mouse, fishing, or even swimbait fishing, join up and ask away. Bill is always willing to give advice to get you that fish of a lifetime.

The pictures below are prototypes, the paint job of the brown mouse will be even more superior than the picture I have below.


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