Seaguar flippin’

Catch a fish or catch a fisherman? That’s exactly what crossed my mind when I saw Denny Brauer on TV pitching Seaguar flippin’ fishing line. I get it, he’s paid to push product and it’s all about marketing. Does it work? Sure, I was interested, I did some google searching and I hit the Seaguar website. Low and behold, this is what I came across while looking for the next big thing in fishing line.

Seaguar flippin’

Technique specific fishing lines? OK, sell me on it. I am all ears. I specifically looked at the Braided line because that is what I use for flipping. My choice is Power Pro 50 lb test. What I wanted to see is what makes this line so different from the rest. All I could find is that it is 8-strands and it is Lo-Vis Black.


Great, so it has 8 strands and it’s Lo-Vis black. Normally if I’m that paranoid about the color of my line I will use a sharpie and color the first 4-6 feet of it. To be honest I rarely do it. This is what gets me, I refuse to pay almost double the price for this line. The Seaguar flippin’ braid comes in 50 or 65 lb test. One hundred yards of it will cost you $29.99 or $31.99 respectively. I am not kidding, check out the pricing here. The same strength line from Power Pro is roughly half the cost and you get 50 extra yards!  A sharpie is under a buck, you do the math.

If Seaguar want’s to send  some samples, I will pass them out to the members for a solid review. I personally cant justify paying almost double the price for this line. I would like to get some feedback on this line from someone who has actually purchased and used it. Sorry Seaguar, you have a huge market of people you do not reach by setting retail prices like these.

For more detailed information, you can follow this link:

Amazon Link: Seaguar flippin’

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  1. How have I never ran across one of your articles? This is great!!! Tell it like it is! Where do I subscribe to read more of your stuff?

    Please be brutally honest as much as possible – this is what readers want!

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