Skipping and Pitching docks

Skipping and pitching docks and overhangs is a technique that you must master. The big ones hide under there, this is a fact. This technique requires practice, practice, and more practice to perfect it. I can only do it with a spinning setup, I tried a few times with a baitcaster, but it became really expensive changing line each and every time I got a massive birds nest. The baits that I find easiest to skip are small crawfish looking or beaver type baits. These baits seem to glide on top of the water. Our friends over at Wired2fish posted a great video on how to Skip and Pitch docks like a Pro, but the same technique also applies to deep overhangs. Check out the video and learn this technique. You will thank me for it, I promise. Any tips?  Leave them in the comments field.

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