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Part Wanted Aluminum seat back hinges


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Bob D

Dec 6, 2023
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Staten Island NY
Hi all, looking for a set of these hinges. Possibly an accessory from Alumicraft?
Bob DIMG_3415.png
Looks like the backstop hinge to his passenger seat.
Sorry should have been more explicit.
Thanks again,
Bob D


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In my 60 plus years of boating and working at a Marina thru the 60's into the70's never saw anything like that...wonder if they are home made?
Pretty cool however they were done, shouldn't be that hard to fabricate...
I agree. Those are probably custom fabbed. Doesn't seem too practical to me though. If you didn't tie em down when not in use boy would those things bang like drum or what? I'd go with the more common plastic folding seats myself. Which is what I plan to do with my Mirro.
I really don’t think they are homemade.
I’ve seen pictures of them in 3 different boats in various internet pictures.
Bob D
Looks like it only allows the back of the seat to fold onto the top of the bottom seat. I guess if you needed to get to the engine the back could be folded down to ease passage.
Since I've never seen one I wouldn't have a clue as to obtaining one. Show it to a fabricator and see what they can do......
Yes that was the idea. That type of hinge folds flat. I am also planning to cut an opening in the center that also would allow easy access to the back of the boat.
Here is a picture of the 14’ Lone Star Commander that I restored and want to put the seat back on. I tried a plastic back folding seat, buy didn’t care for the way it felt.


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Interesting boat you go there. So you got a nice comfy padded seat and you need a back rest. Gotcha. Don't think if it were me I'd go for that thin wooden back on a hinge though. Looks weird, clutters up the nice clean design of the boat. Probably not very comfy. I'd seek a better solution. Like maybe mounting a similarly designed cushion for a backrest, but no hinge. Just mount it in place. Only on captain's side. That way you can still get to the back easily.
Yes I thought of going that way as well, but unfortunately I beach the boat every ride, and I would not be able to row the boat into shore with that configuration.
It's also difficult trying to figure out a working solution because the boat is 300 miles away.
Bob D
Unfortunately that would not work. I boat on Lake Champlain in upstate NY. It about 9 miles wide where I’m located. The lake can pretty rough at times. The shore is nothing but rocks, and I wouldn’t be able to control the boat with the wind and waves.
I never thought adding a backrest would be so complicated !
I‘m up for all suggestions.
Bob D
It's not difficult, you're just making it so. Clamp on a cheap plastic seat and go fishing! I don't think you'd find those folding HARD wood backs to your liking either. I know I wouldn't.
What is the year/Make and Model ?

I know Lake Champlain pretty well and I understand your need to row in certain places. Personally I have never been that close to shore in the Crafts i`m in................................Strictly launches and Docks.

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