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Aug 3, 2023
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Montreal, QC
Hi everyone!
My uncle is currently looking at purchasing this hull, there is no CCG or USCG capacity plate on it.
It is a 12ft x 5ft aluminum jon boat, tunnel boat, pontooned boat amalgamation.
Anyone knows anything about that?
On the few FB groups I am a part of, no one seems to have ever seen these.
I am wondering if it would be a good boat on a somewhat windy lake.
I know it'll be excellent on a calm lake...
It might become my 2nd rig, for when I don't want to take out my 18.5ft Starcraft Offshore-V, but I need more info, I've never been in a jon boat, tunnel boat or pontooned boat before.
I am located near Montreal, Canada, and the waves around here where I fish are often 2 to 3 feet in open water (no, I am not counting the "dip" it makes, otherwise it would be more or less 3 to 4 feet waves)
Thanks !


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I have a jon boat with a flat bottom and I can tell you the boat pictured won't be great in the waves over 1 foot in height.
The boat looks more like a sled than a boat. A different design for sure.
Agree with stand up. Flat bottom not great in rough water.
Looks like a work boat to me. Fill it up with riprap and haul it to your shoreline lot for repairs. I used to install seawalls and piers and often had to transport materials via water due to limited street access. Don't think it would be much good to the average guy the be honest.
That looks like a good boat to fish or hunt from in some back woods pond but not in any sort of rough water.
It'll be slow, rough, and hard to maneuver at slow speeds.
I could see that thing in tow behind a real boat maybe hauling a load of fire wood or lumber to some back woods cabin with no road access.

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