I need River Jet Boat suggestions...


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May 27, 2024
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I've been looking at these river jet boats: Rock Fish, Rock Proof, River Pro, and Jetboats of Texas, so if anyone owns any of these boats I'd love to hear from you. The rivers around here get real skinny and they are a combo of rock, boulders, sand and mud, so durability and quick plane out of shallow water are a must. If anyone thinks I should consider an outboard jet over an inboard jet I'd love to hear your feedback as well.
I used to have a 13ft MotoJet with a 250 Rotax, so I'm very familiar/comfortable with these motors, and I also figured an outboard Jet motor would just get in my way while trying to fly cast, but I'm open to any and all suggestions. 15ft minimum, 20ft max.

Thanks in advance!!

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