Motor peeing question

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the indicator stream means nothing, only that the pump is working. i always have to involuntarily cringe when i see people putting their hand in the stream to gauge head temperature, but of course the fittings are off the exhaust, well before the head! temp at the top of the head at a fast idle is what matters. i suspect you have a bees nest or rotted grommet under the powerhead, blocking water to exhaust.
Thanks for all the input. I have a new oem impeller on the way. The pee hole is molded into the bottom of the engine cowling and I can see no hose anywhere. I have been able to get a trimmer line in about 2 inches. There was no water being pumped up to the thermostat. I dropped the lower unit and submerged it into a barrel of water and spun the drive shaft with a drill and very little water was being pumped. I'll let you know after the new impellaer arrives.
Silly question, but did you pull out the poppit valve too? If you didn't, and it's stuck open, the water from impeller will go straight into the exhaust and not thru to the thermostat.

re: pee hole pic - look inside the cowling and see where the hose attaches to the other side of that hole. Pull that hose off both there and the block. Make sure that has a clear path. Otherwise get someone who knows what they are looking at to look at the motor. Diagnostics are so much easier when the mechanic can see what is going on, instead of thru words.
Hey, for what it's worth, at trick that I have found works sometimes is to put the earmuff attachment on the motor and while the hose is on, use both hands to press the muffs HARD against the intake. This pressurizes the water channel, and sometimes it will pop out a blockage.

Just did that to a motor this week. A mystery non-pumping issue fixed.

Probably a mud wasp had built a nest way up inside the intake somewhere, and the pressure popped it out. Either way, the motor is pumping water great, now.
If you want to know where the problem is, there is a simple way to figure it out.

1. Pull the lower unit. Put it in a tub of water and use a drill to spin the prop shaft while the drill is in FORWARD, that means clockwise, looking down. When you spin it, water should shoot out of the water pump.

Sometimes people spin the vanes of the impeller backwards during installation, and the pump never works right, and/or wears out quickly. Or some other water pump issue, like missing a gasket or a hole in the pump housing.

2. While the lower unit is off, find the water pickup tube in the midsection, and push a cut piece of water hose over the tube and clamp it a well as you can. Turn the hose on slowly. The motor should start peeing and circulating water as normal.

If it doesn't start peeing, remove the end of the pee hose at the motor.
If still no water, remove the thermostat housing.

If NO water comes out of the pee hole or the thermostat opening, the issue is somewhere above the lower unit. I've seen a number of times where the water tube was broken or had a big hole in it. Most of the time it's a piece of 1/2" copper pipe, and you can replace it, but sometimes it's very specific, and you have to buy the exact part.

This should help you figure out the problem. Please report back what happens.