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      Rln reacted to thill's post in the thread Prop pitch with Like Like.
      You could try an 8 and see how it works, but make sure to not scratch or damage it in any way so that you can swap it for a 9 if the 8...
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      Rln reacted to Pappy's post in the thread Prop pitch with Like Like.
      Probably not. If anything you would want to go back to the 9" prop. You will always lose a bit of holeshot with an increase in pitch but...
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      Rln replied to the thread Tohatsu 60/40 jet.
      If balance and weight is a concern, the Tohatsu would be the way to go. Motor really weighs 237lbs all in while the Mercury weighs 288...
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      Rln posted the thread Prop pitch in Motors.
      I have a 1995 9.9 Evinrude and recently spun the prop. The pitch on the prop was a 9. The prop I replaced it with was a 10 and the boat...
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