18' Princecraft rebuild


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Good stuff guys. Can anybody direct me to an aluminum side console ? and yes there 3 boxes in my stern. Two are closed. (flotation ? ) then the smaller box does open I would like to get two 6 gallon tanks and battery in the stern. Also would like to get small bow deck to support trolling motor. Seems like a tricky thing to get just right/
Ah, so you do have the storage box back there. If you look at my rear deck, the center lifts up to get access to that whole area back there. Very useful.
I used some sign material and some aluminum angle to fabricate the nose cap for my MK Terrova.

If you look, you will notice that your gunnel top rail has a slot in the top facing the inside that will accept a sheet of aluminum. Cut it to the needed size, and then slide the aluminum forward to lock it into the slots. Rivet or screw into place. Run a piece of angle across the front and screw or rivet in place and you are done.

I'll look to see if I have any pictures, but not sure I took pics of that.
I see alot of aluminum angle being used. 1", 1.25", 1.5". 1/16 guage and .90. Any suggestions on the "go to" size for aluminum angle for flooring structure, not long spans. I assume sometimes they are back to back so rivet sizes as well. Sketching it out now.
Sometimes, a 2x2 angle at 1/16" thick is cheaper than a 1.25x1.25 at 1/8", but is as strong or stronger, as long as you have the open leg facing down and not up. I use 2x2 and 1.5x1.5 a lot

A big part or strength is securing it with enough fasteners that it can't roll or twist. Do that, and even thin aluminum angle is surprisingly strong once secured.

You shouldn't need any huge metal for your build. The longest spans are cleated to your bunks. The toughest area is in the back. IF you decide to carry it all the way to the transom, only use solid rivets there.
Plan B.
I'm thinking use tiller extension for now, if I really want the center console it will come later with a new engine.
Forward deck for trolling motor. - Battery under forward platform.
Pedastil seat in front platform.
Rod locker on right side.
Lockers on left for tackle.
Rear platform covers (2) 6 GAL tanks and crank batter.

Open to input ?


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