1976 Monark Army Corp of Engineers tri v hull


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Apr 13, 2019
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Greetings, I just purchased this boat from an estate sale, and I would like to get some opinions. Original Louisiana boat, hauled all the way to Alaska, and then the owner passed. I have no history other than paperwork. Appears to me to be an old pilot boat possibly? Appears to be all original. I would like to know the original name “Yo Fat Baby” is current and that is not going to work. Hull # LAZ35653E176. V6Mercruiser appears to be rebuilt. And she runs. The ice is thawing out here, soon to conduct trials on freshwater lake. I am going for a total restore. Can aluminum be lightly sand blasted? Structurally appears solid. What is a rig like this worth, restored? I have tried finding photos of similar, only came up with one. I appreciate all opinions and information.


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I wouldn't sand blast aluminum. If you ever need to weld it you'll find the welds are contaminated from it.
What about a non silica media, like garnet, walnut shell, etc? I might be going with a da and 80 grit....as suggested. Can anybody give advice as to how I can obtain the original name for this vessel?

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