1988 Johnson 25 HP Outboard


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Apr 30, 2011
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I have a 1988 Johnson 25 HP with electric start. The holes where the starter bolts to the powerhead One the side is busted off and the other is stripped out. The motor has about 92 PSIs on the top cylinder and the bottom cylinder is sitting at about 95-97. It does have good spark but does not act like it wants to start even if I put fuel oil mix directly into the cylinders or squirt into the carb. My question, is this motor worth my time or putting money into for repair? What would be a fair ball park figure that it should take to put in shop and get this running?
Paying for a shop to fix it, would exceed its value. On these older motors you need to be able to do your own work to make it worthwhile. Also depends on what the motor will be used for, occasional running or serious dependable work horse....these are just my opinions, only you know what is best for yourself...
I appreciate your response, I agree, plan to use occasional, but it is going to be used on a big lake I think it would likely be best to buy a new motor so I dont end up stranded. The busted studs on the starter mount only add to the cost and complicate things.

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