8-8 to 8-20-2009


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Sep 26, 2008
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8-8-09 RI , CHP , Ferry Wall & CHP

CHP 8-7 to 8-8
Ok gonna wing this one .. Got home and was beat no to mention on the verge on Hallucinations for being up for 3.5 days .
Since the "Doormats" post I didnt get any sleep till last night at midnight so bear with me .

Sport called and said he was going on a boat trip and asked if I wanted to go :) I said heck ya and the plan was for him to pick me up around 3am and head to Ellendale to meet up with Paul . I had stayed home that afternoon and Steve and I played around trying to do the brakes on his truck .. Wrong size tools and luckily so as we thought it was the front brakes but hours later when he left I heard the noise grinding and found out he had pads in the back and that was the problem . Mike stopped by also and we shot the shi! for a bit . That night I headed to CHP at 10pm and ran into Jungfish , Judah and KT . It was slow ! I fished from about 11:30pm to 2:45am and landed 2 Croakers and nothing else ! I only used a Spot rig as I was looking for bait for the boat trip with Sport and Paul .
At one point Jungfish said "Lets see who can land the first Spot" .. It never happened .. Real Bloods and FBBW did not work ??

Boat Trip 8-8-09

Got home at 3am and called Sport and he picked me up shortly afterwards . We arrived at Pauls and waited and waited so Sport finally knocked on the door :p
Paul was eating breakfast and his wife answered with a smile .. We finally got on the water at about sunrise and hit RI for some bait .. Well that didnt work since I wanted to try for some early Trout and no one wanted to try for Croakers and Spot so we elected to hit the Ferry Wall . We get there and the Croakers are thick but small and Sport lands a small TB Flounder and the a nice 21.5" Flounder .. WTG Sport :)
All I did was land some small Croakers and fed them Gulp .. Quite a bit too , I'd reel in after a bit to find a bare jig head or two :(
Anyways after we got about 2 dozen I began to strip them out while they played with those small Croakers .
We headed back to the Canal and Paul being new to this type of fishing we really didnt do anything . We made a long drift from RI to the old ramp and I landed 3 TB Flounder and a small Sandshark . Pual just didnt understand when I said we were on the wrong side so I gave up and couldnt wait to leave the Canal .
Well after that drift we headed back to the Ferry Wall and found some bigger Croakers but still small in my book with the largest ones running 10 to 12 inches . It go told so I said we should hit CHP and fish the closed section .
We arrived and found a spot but no one but me landed any Flounder .. I got about 12 TB's and they got a few , very few Croakers as I did too . These were the biggest Croakers of the day with my largest on a Gulp 3" Shrimp that was about 14" . Well they got bored so we figured the tide was right to try the Ferry Wall again and it was much better but just not my cup of tea .. I just cant see taking a boat out for Croakers and was bored stiff and tired of feeding my Gulp to small Croakers .
I was so thankful to get off the water even though I had fun with some great guys .
Sport and I hit the "China Wok" in Milton for a bite and I was pleasantly surprised to find the food GREAT ! Thanks Sport !
After stuffing ourselves we went to K-Mart so Sport could get some fishing line and we hit CHP .
We headed out to the end and I found the Left empty :)
I banged a few with the quickness while everyone else looked upon me like WTF .. The bite was off for everyone else .
Sport tried for Croakers and Spot and quickly changed up to Flounder and landed 3 or 4 TB's before the sun started to dip and fish began to slowly bite all around us . My bite on the left continued but wasnt as fast paced as I liked and just as I was about to switch a very large boat came and parked right where I was casting :angry2: I yelled out that I had been fishing that spot for over an hour and the Capt yells back "You cant cast this far" I was IRATE and said "Oh no you dont think so Huh" and put on right over his boat .. I yanked and yanked and somehow he manage to grab my line and cut it with a knife that he shook in that air at me .. I quickly retie with just a sinker as the guys around me are yelling all kinds of foul crap at him . I took the sinker and kept casting very close to the boat until he finally pulled off .
I rigged up with a tandem after that and went after Flounder since that was the only Spot rig I had with me .
Guppychao walked out and fished next to me for a bite and landed a few TB Flounder as well .. Good to see ya again :)
I picked up about 12 to 15 small TB's with the largest being 17" while Sport was knocking out the Croakers .
Exhaustion set in around 10 pm for us both but we hung out til about midinight "ish" .
What a marathon .. I was completely wiped out .

Some pics ..





CHP 8-9 / 8-10-09 (18 hours)

After the 72+ hour marathon I crashed around 1am and got up at 6am and did a few honey do list things and was on the pier at 5:30pm . I went right to the end and bailed 3 Spot and about 6 Croakers while no one else was doing a thing . The storm came with 50 MPH winds and rain .. Coolers and trash flew past us as we headed for the Parking lot . The pier was closed for about 45 minutes and when it opened I was first out and took the right corner . I bailed nice Croakers from 12 to 17 inches on almost every cast until 5am when I landed 2 TB Flounder .. It was a sign to switch over to a tandem .. :)
I bailed TB Flounder with a few doubles with 1 at 18.25" and 2 at 18" but nothing bigger .
I filled "Mr Attitudes" cooler first and then the guy next to me and the a friend came over with her brother and John also showed up and when he had to go he left me some nice Bloods :) Thanks John :):)
I gave then to the lady and her brother to catch me Spot so I could use them for bait and they banged them with lots of double .. I must have fillet 30 for bait and used every piece as well as a dozen Croakers .
I left them biting at 11:30am and headed home for my Doctors appointment .. Sucked too as the tide was minutes from being PERFECT !
Filled 3 coolers with nice Croakers and landed about 50+ TB Flounder .
Funny thing was only 2 people caught Croakers not including me and they got less that half a dozen a piece and kept saying "Man where are you casting .. I cant see it land " :)
My carpal tunnel was bad after the 72+ hours and was almost unbearable after this 18 hour mini .

My Doctors appointment didnt go over well and I am still looking for a family doctor .. Had to hit the ER for almost 4 hours so now its been about 37+ Hours awake or over 100 hours with less that 6 hours sleep ..

Who wants to meet up to wet a line ? );)

Danger Ranger it was good to see ya .. only wish it was on the water and not In BeeBee's ER room :p

OH BTW the Spot went nuts as the sun came up ;) Saw some bruisers in the 11 inch range too .. They were as thick as some of the Croakers :)

CHP & RI 8-10 / 8-11-09

Sport picked me up around 9:30pm and we were on the end of the pier around 10pm . We started next to the 1st light on the skinny part .. Sport picked up a few small Croakers and me nothing . I noticed the end on the left open and with the incoming I thought it was prime time but after about 5 casts and no bites I headed back to where Sport was . The right corner was sewn up pretty tight with 4 guys and about 7 rods .. all deadsticking and not doing much at all . When I got back one of the 4 moved into the spot I left and I snuck in his spot .. 3 guys still to my right .. I had grabbed my Flounder rod and gave it a shot without a bite . The guys in the corner had LOTS of gear and I was pinned against the fence with coolers and chairs all around me , on my right was an older Gent who had about 5 rods out deadsticking also while he sat in a chair and baited and waited .. and waited and waited with no success as far as we could see . I kept moving right every chance I got , like when they rebaited i gained an inch or 2 and when there was enough room I called to Sport to come grab the empty space . Sport came over and began to rip Croakers on almost every cast ;)
I had enough since the Flounder didnt want to bite and went to get my Croaker rod . I returned and Sport was nailing them as soon as the lead hit bottom and me still nothing so I watched and listened and realized Sport was out casting me by atleast 20 yards . I have line cuts all over my finger tip and had to wrap some electrical tape (Thanks Sport) around it to get to the fish but after that we had a consistent bite .. The guy who's spot I had taken took his spot back when I rebaited but I still was able to squeeze back in .. Didnt matter much since only 1 of the 4 could actually cast accurately .. the other 3 came nowhere near mine and Sports distance wise so we were in business .
A storm came up and we had a nice lightening show for about 10 minutes before the first crack of thunder .. wasnt but a few minutes later when the pier was closed :(
The rain came down but tapered off about 10 minutes later followed by the lightening ebbing off as well . We waited another 15 minutes but no one came to unlock the gate and the rain started again lightly so Sport and I headed to the new boat ramp to see whats what .. 1 guy went around the gate as we left .
We stopped at the bridge near the ramp and the CG station and heard a few fish .. The water was full of bait fish . We got to the ramp and found even more bait and heard a few crashes out in the darkness . The weather had turned and was looking really good so we didnt even wet a line and just headed back to CHP .
We got back and found the gate open and about 30 people already on the pier . We geared up and headed back to the end and found it with enough room for us both .. The 4 guys were nowhere to be found but showed up later and when they tried to squeeze in the guy in the corner (Who was the same guy who went around the gate) was full of "lip"
and the 4 guys took it in stride and set up to our right . Sport and I started nailing the Croakers again . I heard the guy in the corner mocking Asians and I put him in his place .. The guy was a real ******* and his woman and he both had issues and were immature as hell .. He claimed to be a Bass fisherman who was in tourneys and had one coming up in a few days with a purse of $250,000 dollars .. What a friggin joke ! He had a surf rod with a 2500 Stradic on it and casted like an amateur and 2 Carrots rods with low end reels .. 1 of the rods was cracked in half , he claimed he had a double header Croaker and it just snapped . Sport and I as well as the 4 guys all laughed at him as he was just a rude SOB .. He was a mess indeed ! . At one point he got caught up with one of the 4 guys and in the process caused my line to get wrapped around a piling thus losing about 85 yards of braid .. I was irate and let him know . He tried to say it wasnt his fault but we all knew better and the smarter he got with his lip the louder I got . It got to the boiling point where he said he was on Steroids and would bash my face in so I kinda freaked out .. his woman grabbed a knife and started waving it around saying things like "just shut up" and "you stay over there" .. I didnt take that either and tried to put her in her place but she was seriously mental and I backed off . Her man just could not STFU and eventfully he started tossing his gear around and screaming at his woman that "We aint staying here .. Lets get the **** out of here" .. I said GOOD and a rush of exhilaration could be felt among everyone of us . We would not miss him one bit . I fished with him a few days ago and was on a nice Flounder bite and I showed him the tandem and gave him advice .. he came back a few minutes after that with a crazy rig he just tied in attempt to duplicate the tandem .. I gave him a rig and he actually caught a few flatties and when he did everyone in earshot could hear him
This was the night of the "Doormats" a few reports ago .
These were his first ever Flounder ... Last night he said he was there a couple days ago and got a limit of Flounder ... :) Atleast we had some comedy as his expense .
Anyhow we were all happy he left and the atmosphere changed dramatically . We all got to know each other had had some laughs .. Some of us even remembered fishing with each other before . The 6 of us fished along side each other without incident before the Storm and after that butthead left we continued to fish together with minimal issues pertaining to lines being crossed .
Sunrise the Croakers got smaller and faded away while the Spot began to show up .
We had one Fresh Spot and decided to head to RI to fill the rest of the cooler with Croakers ..

Roosevelt Inlet
We found the tide incoming at halfway and very stained water .. the lot was almost half full .
We put 5 more in the box and decided to give up since most were just 8 to 9 inches and let go . The Rays took a few hooks and rigs from me and I think a time or two from Sport .

Sorry for the long report .. This Marathon lasted about 56 hours .. I've gotten about 3 hours sleep since getting home .
In the last 150 hours or so I have slept for about 10 hours .

The sunrise was the best I have ever seen in Delaware . Sport did get a nice pic of it but without seeing the pic i can say it will not do the actual sunrise justice .
Another beautiful morning !!

One other point of interest was that we watched those 4 guys in the corner fish and they just deadsticked the whole time and never got into a serious bite .. After awhile of watching us nail them I noticed 3 of the 4 of them had begun to mimic our retrieve . I also noticed they caught more fish .

CHP 8-13-09 (Ungrateful SOB)

Got to the pier at about 12:30am and saw the guy with all the "lip" from the other night getting his gear together in the parking lot .. He see's me and ran down the pier . I decide to take a walk to see whats happening first .
I walked to the end and saw very little action and when I get to the end I find "lips" in the right corner and 2 of my buddies next to him , they said to come on out and that they have the corner saved for me but I explained about the other night and just left him alone . He got the corner by offering a bag of Bloods to my friend but never made good on the deal .
I went and got my gear and joined my friends near the end . I didnt have any kind of bait but I found 3 Squids near the first light and took them along .. I am glad I did ;)
Everyone including "lips" said it was very slow and the fish quit biting about an hour ago but I knew it was only because of the slack tide . I made a cast and nailed a Croaker , then again and again ... 10 fish in a row ;) My buddies were laughing their asses off and saying WTF :):)
I caught about 30 Croakers on those 3 Squids and then my friend gave me a few more with the heads still attached :)
I cut them in strips and whacked the heads in half and went to work on filling both their coolers :)
Now "lips" was being half decent and gave away some fish to my friends as well so I just let the night before go and even talked with him and helped him again . Around 5am I switched to Flounder and banged 4 in a row .. all TB's but it was enough that "lips" also switched . At this point he had 1 rod on the left corner and 2 on the right and rigged a 4th up for Flounder . I caught a small 4" Bluefish and put it on my bottom jig and "lips" questioned me about what I was after .. I told him Doormats so he tried and tried and finally landed a 3" Bluefish and asked how to rig and jig it . I told him what to do but I swaer he is thick headed as he bagan to cast out 15 yards and just swim it back in . I told him he's gonna kill it and that all he needs to do is drop it straight down and let it go to the bottom and lift every few second and wait for the bite .. The SOB immediately hooks up and I see a 26" ish Flounder thrashing on the surface and then is gone .. He didnt know what to do with it . I tell him he has to commit and in one motion swing the fish up on the pier .
He catches another Bluefish and again hooks up to a 23" ish Flounder and has the same results .. He's now screaming like a baby .. At that time I lifted my rig (I had tandem Bluefish on my rig) and had a very nice 25" ish Flounder follow it to the surface and miss both snappers .. I lower it again and thump :) I set up and it pulls drag and then goes limp .. I reel it up and both Blues are gone . I was trying to catch 2 more when "lips" hooks up yet again but this time it was a 27" Striper . I measured it myself and informed him that it has to go back .. He moaned and groaned and said he'd take the fish and leave before letting it go .. Thats when I saw Bobby from the Tackle Shop on the Golf cart and he was looking right at it from a distance but he knew what was up and went to tell the GW .While Bobby left "lips cut 2" off the tail off the Striper . The GW came out and checked a few licenses but never check coolers or in this case his backpack . 2 guys behind me walked away from their gear and headed off the pier .. I didnt know they didnt have fishing licenses but atleast they came back with one and continued to fish .. They were very lucky . So now "lips" hooks up yet again to a Flounder and finally gets this one on the planks .. I measured it at 17.75" or 18" with its mouth open and I tell him thats close but has to go back .. He moaned and groaned again and said let me measure it and the claimed it was a keeper as he stomped on it a few times .. I yelled at him and said WTF are you doing thats a short fish .. he says yeah but I can make it legal .. all i got to do is stretch its jaw . He haad already killed the Flounder by stomping on it and now was tugging on its jaw with a pair of pliers .. I had had enough and grabbed my gear and went to get the GW . I find them in the Tackle shop talking with Bobby so I explained all that happened .. Bobby said "see I told you there was an illegal fish on the pier "
I gave a description and even pointed out his car . Well apparently he knew where I went and threw the dead Flounder back but kept the Striper .
You wont believe this part and I am still blown away by the stupidity of this arrogant ******* .
Figuring I went to get the man he hurried and threw the Flounder back and grabbed his gear and snuck off the pier before the GW could find him but the dumbass went to his car and loaded up his gear and then drove over to the front of the Tackle shop and went inside to ask Bobby to take his picture of his 15" Croaker and his 24" Striper . Bobby said sure and he went and got the fish .. Bobby told me that if the tail was cut he would not take his picture and would ban him from the Bait Store forever .
So "lips" lays the fish down and takes a measuring tape and measures the Striper right in front of Booby .. Bobby freaked when he saw the tail and told him to get lost and not to come back to his shop ever .. Lips protested that he did no such thing but it was obvious . Bobby went back inside with his camera and dumbass followed him and said "I cant believe your gonna be like that" .. Thats when Bobby got pissed and started yelling and telling "lips" to get the Fxxx out of his shop and never come back .. he also said that he has caught thousands of Stripers in his life and wasnt an idiot .. he was inches away from "lips" face .. I was standing point "just in case" . So now lips is walking around the parking lot and saying "can you believe he thinks I cut the tail " and shoved the fish in everyone face saying look .
He finally puts the fish back in his backpack and began to drive off when the GW drove up and approached me .. Bobby and I point and said there he goes and they went in pursuit :) Well I waited for a little over an hour and we heard nothing so I wrote down my contact info and handed it to Bobby saying make sure you tell them I will be a witness .. Whatever it takes . Bobby thanked me and I headed home at 1pm .
So i am waiting to hear what happened and if he got away or was let off I have made up my mind to press charges on him and his wife for threatening me .. I will have them both banned from the pier one way or another .
I never met anyone as ungrateful as "lips" .. He deserves everything he gets and some .

I almost filled those 2 coolers :) .
I will follow up as soon as I hear something !

Oh the 2 guys that left the pier to get fishing licenses asked me why I did that and that it was wrong .. I in a stern voice said "It was wrong and you know it" as I made my way to my truck .

I bet its gonna be fun tonight :)

CHP 8-13 / 8-14-09 (Fishin with EC)

I got home waited for the GW to call but Sport called instead so he picked me up around 5pm and we headed back to the pier . We get out to our spot around 6pm and both try for some Spot for bait . I had a few hookups but didnt land any and Sport nails a few small Croaker and 1 Spot . I switched to Flounder but everything was slow . I got 1 TB and Sport got a few more small Croakers .
Jack joins us before sunset but nothing is really happening . We all shoot the breeze mostly just having fun waiting for he tide to change and start rolling out . Jack doesnt do much fish wise but he did hook up to an anchor :) LMAO! I showed him how to flip his prize up on the pier :)
Eugene shows up after midnight and joins the party but it still aint right so we BS some more . The Stripers were in full force and making us nuts .. Man what a PITA to have them so close yet unreachable but Sport and Jack both manage a schoolie . Jack starts to snooze shortly after that and retires to his truck for a nap before heading home .

At around 1:30am I notice the tide has begun to go out so I switched to Croakers and started to pick them off . I told everyone its about to begin and sure enough it picked up more and more to where we were nailing them on every cast . Funny how a small thing like that can turn on or off a bite . Sport got his fill and we filled EC cooler till he had enough and the rest went to whoever picked them up :)
I ended up getting caught up so I just grabbed the Flounder rod and went in search of some flatfish while they pounded the Croakers . I picked up TB's all the way to where the bathroom (outhouses) used to be when I get a nice 5" Bluefish .. I returned to the boys and dropped the snapper down .. didnt take long before I get a bite but it dooesnt come tight .. I reeled up the snapper to find it torn up pretty good . I lowered it back down and get a TB on the top hook (Fin"S") . Lowered it again and got a bite that took the snapper ... I was done after that and just watched Sport and EC catch Croakers .. I was dead tired .
The 3 of us call it quits around daybreak and retire to the parking lot to shoot more BS :)
It was a great time .. Jacks a blast even if he still learning ;)
Sport and EC .. Its always a pleasure :)

Hey EC I thought you might have been watching me and my twitch :) LMAO !! Works like a charm doesnt it ;):)

CHP 8-16-09

Got to the pier around 5:30pm and talked with Bobby at the Shop for awhile and found out that "lips" escape the GW's that day . Had someone come in and say there was some guys crabbing that had sponge crabs so Bobby called for a GW . I saw Aaron and we decided to take a walk . We looked for the culprit but could not find them and the GW's also couldnt find the crabber .
There was a guy who asked Aaron about launching a boat from the beach and Aaron told them it was fine but they could not put a motor on it .. When Aaron left they launched and had a small gas motor on the Porta-Boat . Then they went out and layed about 8 Crab Traps right in front of the skinny section ?? I thought about snagging them and making them walk the pier to get them back but decided they will get whats coming once they hit the beach . When they were done they not only got a ticket for the motor but also for driving up next to the Pavilion .. What morons !!
Anyhow I had noticed some nice Mullet and spent about 1.5 hours castnetting them .. ended up with about 7 dozen Mullet from 2.5" to 6" , 3 Snapper Blues and 4 small Spot .
I went back and put the net away and got the bait on ice and headed out for some Flounder . I got 4 TB's with 2 @ 18" and then nothing as the sun set . There were 2 guys using cut Spot and nailing some nice Croakers to 16" but it was a tight spot and they had 6 rods .. everyone else was getting stray Spot except for the groups on the end of the wide section who were reeling them in one after another with many doubles and triples .
There was only about 5 of us on the skinny section and after those 2 guys left nothing was biting .. I had Bloods , both real and Fishbites , Shrimp , Squid both thick and thin and cut Spot and could not get a bite .
Jimmy , his wife and baby stopped out after dark but nothing was biting . I caught a total of 4 Croakers and 3 Spot and the 4 TB Flounder and that was it .. Didnt see anything being caught either except Spot on the wide section .
Jimmy and I packed it in at 11:10pm .

8-17-09 Thelma Dale

Jimmy , David and myself hit the Thelma Dale for some Flounder . I read the recent report and ity was right on with the days catch .. Lots of Flounder were caught . I told David about the Maui Maui that were caught but he said we wont see any today .. I said you never know :)
We all caught around 30 Flounder each and I was first with a boxer ..

Jimmy gets the next 2 ..

And David just couldnt get the keeps up to the deck . While moving to another spot we saw some Maui jumping after bait near the Seabass Pots so David tosses his rig near when we went by and a second later he is hooked up .. I yell "Maui ON" and the Capt slows so David can land the fish :)


That was it for the boxers for us but we did spank some fish today and had a ball .
Jimmy & Dave .. Always a pleasure guys :)

CHP 8-18-09 LIPS gets the BOOT !!

I was supposed to meet up with Sport last night but I had been awake for too long and needed the rest . I talked to him this morning and he said "lips" was out there and telling everyone that I got him busted and they pulled him over and searched him and his car and could not find anything wrong becuase " I have been fishing for 15 years and I know what to keep " YEAH Right !! I geared up and drove out there just to make sure he got his and to set the record straight that he did not get caught and that was a big lie he was spreading to try to cover his *** .

I arrive around 9am and start to walk out when I see a kid with a castnet trying to get tiny silversides so I pointed out the Mullet and he walked out on the beach and came back with about 2 dozen nice Finger Mullet .. I was happy and so was he :)
I then noticed the GW walking out and I began to walk with him but he said I should stay put because "lips" wont be happy to see me after he gets done with him and most likely he'd blame me .. I didnt care as long as something was done .
I went back to the baitshop and found out that "lips" was kicked off the pier yesterday for fighting with is own family .
This morning he threatened Sonny because he refused to let him use his net .. Anyhow the GW got him and his girl and kicked them both off until after Labor day .. Oh well its a start and I hope he comes back before that so I can get him removed for the rest of 2009 .

I fished for about 1.5 hours and got 2 Spot and only saw about 6 other fish caught in that time frame .. Tide was low and the current strong with dirty water steady pouring in .

I was home by noon .. Mission accomplished !

I yelled to a family that was steady Clamming on the left side and told them it was illegal to do so but they ignored me so I let Bobby know as I headed to my truck .. A call was placed and I hope they bust them too .

If you guys see people Clamming on the left side PLEASE tell someone in the baitshop to call a GW .. Not only is it ugly when they dig those big holes but its where the UofD tests the shellfish to see how they are doing and possibly helping them to get more established . No one needs to know you told Bobby and believe me these people dont respect anything . You tell them and they act like they didnt hear you and continue and when I scream at them they stop till I begin walking again and back at it they go .

CHP 8-19-09

I was supposed to meet up with Kwan at the Pier last night but it stormed pretty good and we lost the Internet .. Regained the Net around 1am and had a message from Steve saying that he and Kwan were there waiting on me . I checked the weather and rolled out at 2am .
I get to the pier and before I hit the planks I hear my name and look back and see Kwan .. Steve had left already as most folks did . Kwan told me the storm knocked out the last 6 lights on the pier and they were still off .We walked out a few lights and I noticed the same people Clamming on the left side .. The exact same ones I told they werent allowed to Clam on that side and had Bobby call a GW on them yesterday and here they are still at it so I yelled at them and told them they will get arrested if they dont move from that side .. They took their time but did finally move to the right .. Sad part was they had a nice large sack of Clams just like earlier that morning .
Kwan decided to tap a nap till sunrise and I headed out to get some bait . I get to the skinny section and stop to fish the corner of the wide part and land quite a few small Croakers , 1 Spot and a Searobbin . The 3 guys on the end right packed up and were heading off the pier because of the lightening .. It was a great light show with bolts hitting the Walls and the Beach front . When the 3 guys saw that I was not leaving and in fact headed towards the corner they bum rushed me for the corner spot .. I dont get it they were packed up .. All 10 rods and 4 coolers and assorted junk all packed up but they just could not see me taking "Their" spot . Worst part was the Stripers were all over that area and they had it locked down with all those rods .. I tried to tell them where the hole was and was told "I know thats where I am at" but they were all straight out and to the right .. Oh well no wonder they didnt catch anything but small Seabass :) Serves them right !
So the Stripers were making me nuts but finally came to a halt as the sky turned blue . I packed up and went for the castnet and to wake up Kwan who was late , I was hoping the Mullet would be thick again this morning . Saw some Mullet but not many and nowhere near the pier so I ended up with 3 Snapper Blues and 1 Sandperch .
Kwan and I hit the skinny section and I told him to get busy with the Snappers while I caught a few more .. I took the Sandperch and stripped it out and put in on the Croaker/Spot rig with no weight and when the Snappers would grab it I would fling them up on the pier .. They were not hooked and just too greedy to open their mouth and escape .. Works for me :) . So I get about 7 Blues in the bucket and then switch to the Tandem and add a Snapper to each jig . Kwan had a good head start and had 1 bite but hook no fish . I immediately get bite but the fish would not eat the Snapper and just toyed with it .. I left and tried a few more holes and returned and nailed that fish .. a 19" Flounder :);)
Well that was pretty much it as I gave up when everyone came over and started fishing in the spots I was and a guy with 2 kids decided to put crab traps in over half the available holes I was fishing . Seems everyone was using Snappers too all the sudden ;)
So now I go back after Spot for bait at the Inlet later on but nothing was biting at all and the 3 guys on the end were not fishing the "honey hole" but they certainly blocked anyone else from hitting it too .

CHP 8-20-09

Got to the pier around 10am and started to take a walk but noticed the Mullet and decided to grab a few . They were far and few in between but I managed about 3 Dozen Finger Mullet . Took them out for a walk to the skinny part and got 1 huge Oyster Cracker , 1 Butterfish and 1 TB Flounder . Fished for 2 hours at dead low with very dirty water and strong current .. Winds were stiff between 15 and 30 MPH .
Saw Kwan and his buddy Roger and my friend "digits" who was nice enough to return my fillet knife I left on the pier that morning "lips" killed the Flattie and cut the tail off the Striper .
Hopefully they have more luck with the Mullet than I did .

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