Alumacraft 1542 Front Deck Layout Help Needed

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Going to get it out this weekend or early next week. As a side, I had extra aluminum after putting the floors in so I used what was left for a back plate.


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Have you had a chance to get it in the water yet to see if your front deck is level when you’re floating?
Have had it out the last couple of days. The rear pedestals on the front deck lean slightly backwards but it’s comfortable. Included a pic of where they were reinforced with scrap aluminum back plate. Boat fishes really good. Just need to paint and get the rest of the wiring completed. Only issue is battery box does not fit under front deck. Working towards a solution. I may look to get a dry hatch built and use angle to secure under deck.
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I don't know if this will help any but Alumacraft did a 15' "Bass Pro" version in the 70's that had casting decks. I have one that is buried right now but I'll try to get some pictures of the structure for you. The brochure might give you some ideas? ALUMA-MY77-Catalog-ENUS
Looking at that brochure I noticed they omitted the middle bench. I love the idea of removing middle bench but have heard that bench gives needed lateral support. Any idea how they made up for that?

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