Bad Yamaha kill switch

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Nov 19, 2010
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san luis obispo,california
The kill switch is not working properly. I have to push really hard or remove dead man key. Problem is I'm heading north on a fishing trip at 4;00am tomorrow. Heading up Hwy 101, Hwy 680, Hwy 505, then over to Hwy 99 into the mountains above Oroville, to Bucks Lake. Does anybody know of a likely Yamaha dealer on the way who might have one in stock? 2007 Yamaha CESH F15 15hp four stoke. Thanks for any help, Gordon (this is in California)
Eagle Marine in Martinez CA is a Yamaha dealer. They are less than 10 minutes off 680. I've used them for merc parts. Can't say how well stocked they are for Yamaha parts. Sounds like you are already on the road so not likely to see this.

Have a great trip.

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