Bass Tracker Aluminum Floor Questions

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Feb 21, 2021
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Warner Robins GA
Looking to get this project going rather quickly and wanted to see if the brain trust here can help. I’ve got everything torn out and cleaned up and closed foam cut in between the ribs, but before I buy/do the wrong thing I figured I’d ask first.

1-What is the best thickness for the aluminum floor? I’m a big fella and don’t want any warping/sagging between ribs in the long haul If possible. .100? .125??

2-I saw somewhere a while back folks were using something between the ribs and aluminum flooring to stop vibration. Can’t find it now… what is recommended for that?

3-I have minor pitting in the interior rear of the boat. Do I need to clean it any certain way (vinegar and copper mesh pad) and or coat it before installing this floor?

Trying to do the best I can before the install, so any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to answer 1 or all 3! 😂

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