Bought first boat - should I remove storage?

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Mar 16, 2023
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Fort Worth, TX
I bought my first boat to setup as a catfish boat. I originally wanted an open concept jon boat but this one fell into my lap. I need to clean it up but wanted to get opinions on removing the side storage for more room. I fish out of a kayak and everything I bring fits in a milk crate so I dont really need all the storage. Any catfish guys have an opinion on how to set this boat up? I will be cleaning it out next weekend. The pictures are how I got it.


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I’m not sure you can have too much storage. I’d use it a few times before deciding on changes.
X2! I have a MV 1648 Tracker Blind Duck that I was thinking of removing the side storage until I started putting "stuff" into it that would otherwise be all over the floor.
Over time you will find you carry more items. Where to you put items like paddles, tools, emergency medical kit, extra PFDs, your tackle box, etc.
"Too much storage" and "my boat" are two phrases that I have never said in the same sentence, ever.

You have a good mindset coming from a kayak and having to conserve on space and stuff brought on board. However, the sheer volume of required items for the boat versus the kayak is a whole different scale.

I spent a fair amount of work adding storage to my boat and freeing precious deck space so I wasn't stepping over stuff or getting entangled in gear while fishing. I have stowage space for required safety gear, fishing accessories like drift socks, and tackle storage. I wish I had room to put in a rod locker.

The added storage also minimizes the time it takes to hook up and head off to the lake. All that stuff is on the boat and ready go, all the time.
Having all the storage along rhe sides keeps the center open to move about without having to step over stuff. This will greatly improve the stability of your boat...take advantage of what you have !!
Agreed, I'd use it as is, the seller liked it enough....If you find you need to open it up some remove one side of the storage at a time, keep the weight as balanced as you can. Remember, emergency gear, oars or a small kicker in case of a break down all come in handy.

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