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Mar 13, 2020
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Was hoping to mount the fuel tank on my Alumacraft T12S up forward in bow under raised deck that I installed. Figured this, along with mounting battery forward would help distribute weight a little more evenly. Having trouble getting fuel to outboard, fuel line is 3/8th have primer bulb closer to tank up front thinking better to push fuel than try to pull it towards engine which is a "76 6hp Johnson. Even with fuel fitting disconnected from hose & priming line into a pail at engine, I'm still not getting enough fuel downstream to keep engine running?
Has anyone had success with this type of install or could it be just too far of a run (total maybe 10')

Also would it be better to run with vent on tank open or closed?

Thanks in advance
Open the vent.
I've had a fuel tank in the front of my 14' jon boat. I had the primer bulb at the motor with 3/8" fuel line with no issues.
The fuel tank needs the vent open.. as fuel leaves the tank, air needs to replace it.
Check your fuel line set up.. if it's an old line it may be collapsed inside.. check the pick up tube in the tank too.
also check your primer bulb for good flow

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