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Mar 25, 2011
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Everything's bigger down here, especially the gar. I've heard a bunch of stories of monsters that live in the Trinity River. Anyone know any good spots to try? Most boat ramps around here seem to charge a fee to use, which is a new thing for me. I went to a 4 wheeler park in Trophy Club today and looked around. The river connects to Lake Grapevine but I didn't go that far down. I saw some carp surface and a few big mud swirls when I walked past some hidden fish. The water was about 10 feet low according to a guy that I talked to at the boat ramp. Really looking forward to some quality time on the water this summer but I need some tips on where to start. I'm headed to San Marcos this weekend and my brother is taking me to a river that may be suitable for spearfishing. Pics will follow if we have any luck.
The place I was looking around at today is Denton Creek, just above Lake Grapevine. Boat ramp at: 33° 1'32.68"N 97°10'46.80"W
With all the rain we got in North Texas this weekend the creek level is rising. Carp were piling up on eachother trying to swim upstream into a field. Not much of a challenge but I couldn't resist sticking the big one of the bunch.


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One free ramp on the river is off of Hwy 287 just past the Richland Chambers lake. Monster gar down there. Plenty of river to run up to Hwy 31. RC is a great lake to bowfish too. Lots of monster gar, carp and buffalo. I prefer to rod and reel fish but if the opportunity exists to go with my cousin I'm in. A few years back I saw one surface off of the Richland arm in mid July that had to push 200+

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