Flat Deck V-Hull for Elderly Angler?


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Sep 5, 2023
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Reston, VA
New member here, so please forgive me if this is the wrong forum; I figured that anyone doing mods is already acutely aware of what’s on the market. I’m looking for a 16’-19’ v-hull with a flat deck to fish with my elderly father on lakes in Ontario. Most boats have an elevated bow casting deck, but my dad has poor balance and can’t be on those decks. He also can’t lift his legs over a bench seat. Of the mainstream manufacturers, the only boat I’ve found that fits the bill is the Lund Alaskan. Can you point me to other manufacturers?
Have you thought about the possibility of a center console? Several have front casting decks that are easy to get to and the grab rail around the center console and taller seating behind the console both sound like they could make it easier for your dad. While harder to find on a true V hull G3 and seaark make them on mod Vee hulls with a steeper dead rise than typical mod vee and call them bay boats. Xpress and xcel make similar "bay boats" but on pad hulls which in my opinion are much better than the mod vee and will take rough water just as good as a deep v hull.

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