Just made some Kokanee Corn


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Still Afloat

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Feb 3, 2023
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Mead Washington
Mixed up a batch of Kokanee corn today. I used a recipe that a guy swore by last year and saw similar ones on line.

- Drained Shoepeg Corn
- Three cloves of minced garlic
- Tuna oil from two cans of tuna, skimmed off the vegetable oil
- skipped the McKenzie cure and just added a tablespoon of salt
- Anise, about two teaspoons

Mixed up everything except the Anise because I didn’t have any. Picked up some and added it after everything else had marinated for a couple of hours. I tasted it before adding the Anise and it wasn’t bad. I’d probably like it if I was a fish. Added the Anise and tasted it again. Man, the Anise really gave it a pronounced fishy favor.
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Trolling with a tandem rig, either a hooche with a smile blade spinner or a wedding ring. One piece of corn on the front hook.

The Kookes around the NW are much smaller than the ones that we used to catch in Colorado. Good eating though. No catch and release.

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