Just picked up another jet sprint boat


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Oct 26, 2013
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Ewing, NJ
It's a 1993 Jetcraft and I got it without a motor or jet drive but I already have a ZZ3 motor being prepped in the garage and a Hamilton 772 jet drive waiting to be shipped.



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awesome looks like a fun toy I'd like one but I already have to many gas guzzling toys to work on keep us posted on the build
It's already turning into a lot of little work. The ZZ3 motor I bought was set up with a TPI setup so I had to remove all of that and I've been buying the stuff to go back to carb. All the marine based stuff for a sbc is not cheap and not easy to find so I've been picking off what I can find slowly.
handyandy said:
to much trouble to run the TPI?
Gotta ditch the O2 sensor on a wet exhaust. Best way to do that and keep fuel injection is with a Mercruser (Mefi) controller. I run a Chevy LSJ 2.0 supercharged motor out of a Cobalt SS on race gas in a sand car. The race gas is leaded so I can't run an O2 sensor either except for when it's on a dyno. Solution is to use a Mercruiser (mefi) controller and custom wire harness. Problem with that is its not as easy as stripping an old boat. Best is to call an outfit like CBM and buy it and harness with a tune in the computer to start with. Chucking on a simple carb is a heck of a lot less time and money plus you don't have to pay for dyno time or risk blowing it up.
handyandy said:
to much trouble to run the TPI?

I really don't like the idea of running high fuel pressure in a boat that will be bouncing around like this. I've actually sold/traded the TPI setup for some other parts already so I'm slowly making progress.

This guy made a homemade block for his o2 sensors that seems to have worked. I know it's a completely different fuel injection set up and engine. But would think a similar thing could be done with most 02 sensors. Just food for thought really I can understand why your going the route you are cool boat would be a blast.
Finally got the boat running but I'm waiting on the muffler inserts for the headers. I ran it on the trailer with open headers at the boat ramp and it's a little loud! :mrgreen:



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crazymanme2 said:
How much you have in a play toy like that if you don't mind me asking. #-o

Are you going to race it? =D>

I wanted a motor with aluminum heads for the weight savings so that was some extra cost.

No, not planning to race it, just something to run around with. I've had a few really fun boats and the sprint boat is one of them.
The headers were just too loud even with muffler inserts and they also put out too much heat which circulated back on top of you so I found a set of EMI Thunder center riser manifolds and it's much quieter and cooler now. Some pics of the manifolds/risers.

And a short video of a run that is a little out of focus so it doesn't give a good perspective, but it sounds good. I fought with a bad carb for almost 2 months before giving up and getting a new one.


I think the video was private but I updated it to make it public now.


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I swapped out impellers to run more pitch and it has definitely brought the rpm's down which is nice. Last year I ran 19 and 22 pitch impellers and this year I'm trying 22 and 27 pitch. I took the boat out this past Saturday and it cruised at least 3-500 rpm's lower on plane so that should save on some gas as well. It's hard to tell if there is a difference in the top end, you have to be really focused on what's going on in the water ahead of you.
Nice work!

Pretty random to see this pop up today. I have been drooling over these especially hard for the last week. I'm looking more at the kits that utilize jet ski engines, although an LS3 would be sweeeet!

I have given up the hobby of rock crawling/jeeping and I guess I just don't feel complete without some hobby that burns large amounts of money. :lol: I'm pretty sure a mini jet boat would fill that void and still get me to the remote areas where I like spending my weekends.
You can't beat the sound of a V8 though. Some of those mini's look like fun as well.
The weather was nice enough yesterday to finally get the boat out for a run. I changed the rear impeller over the winter and now I'm running a 22 pitch and 24 pitch and the boat really likes that combination. The water temp was probably in the upper 30's so it was a little painful get the boat off and on the trailer since I had to wade in knee deep. And it was a little brisk on the water doing 60-70 mph. :shock: :mrgreen:


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CedarRiverScooter said:
What a cool boat!

How shallow can you run it?

If you keep moving at speed, I've run through 3" of water and clipped a small rock with no damage. When you come off plane, it drops down and needs a good 15-18" of water.