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May 6, 2017
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Hey guys im gonna ramble on some long post... but i starting a project to fix my grandfathers old 1436 / 1968 eldocraft jon boat.
i have used it for the last 20 years as a duck hunting boat its been thru a lot but ill never get rid of it (means more than anything to me) the aluminum transom and floor is beyond repair the metal is just too thin from a battery fire years ago to weld back.

a good welder freind tried his best to fix it and its been patched badly with a aluminum plate welded to the under side of boat and it has a float pod across the back i have to cut off me and kids used it for years but they have moved on to the navy and i want to restore it for a small outboard for some quiet time with the wife.

i guess what im asking is has anyone pretty much cut the backend off and redone it from scratch? I know its gonna be expensive but im not sure where to start. Here are a few pics .



Pod is welded on have to cut it off
Painted area needs to be cut out and replaced along with part of transom
Dam battery caught fire and burned through the boat

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I totally get the sentimental attachment. If there's good metal to weld to, it can be done. What would your grandfather say about spending the money to fix it though? Maybe there is something that can be made or repurposed from it that would allow you to keep part of it. Like a picture frame or a knick knack/ momento shelf. Not trying to talk you out of fixing it, just offering suggestions. Good luck with either way you go.

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0.125 sheet is about $100 per 4x8 around me. If you cut and reuse the pod, one sheet would be enough for what you're asking. Then cut and reuse the corner braces and any floor braces too. If you have a buddy that can tig for you, cheap or free, it wouldn't cost you much at all. Then put like another 50 bucks into the all aluminum transom. A new boat is hundreds more. Fixing is cheaper and easier imo

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derekdiruz said:
0.125 sheet is about $100 per 4x8 around me.
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Man, where are you getting your aluminum from??

I have gotten quotes in 3 places here in VA, and I paid $96 a sheet for .063 4x8. A sheet of .125 here is almost $200!!

That being said, 1/8" (.125) thick aluminum sheet is entirely overkill IMO, especially for a boat this small, where weight is crucial(at least for the floors). Although, it would be perfect for the bracing. I just laid my floors in .063 and it is a perfect balance between weight and strength, just need to put foam under it to support it.