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Part For Sale Paint (epoxy) Gator Glide G2 1/2 gal (blue) for sale :


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Steph Boeker

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Apr 7, 2023
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This is a 2 part epoxy paint that is very very slick and eliminates plenty of friction as the boat glides through the water. It cures rock hard and helps eliminate scratches made by ruff bottoms, sand scrapes, loading & unloading, etc...
I bought the blue and changed my mind to white for the bottom. It sells for $124. but he charges $49.99 for s&h for a total of about $175.
I'll send it to you for $150. cash
Contact me @ (337) 509-6900 or [email protected]


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Bahahahaha :) lol :) a man after my own heart !! (bartering fool that I am)
Sure, why not. Send me the $135. on PayPal w/ [email protected] and when I see it I'll send it to you. Send your address to (text) (337) 509-6900 or FaceBook personal message @ Steph Boeker or my email above. You're welcome to call me now and thanks for your consideration,
Sincerely ..................

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