Rhyan Craft 12 foot


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Jun 18, 2018
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First boat. Picked it up for $75. So far I’ve put some stripper on it and hit it with the pressure washer but seems like a scraper does the best. Looks like it’s got four layers of paint. Pulled the rotted transom wood out. Just about every screw snaps in half. The drain plug bolt was frozen in rust so I cut the rubber out with a box cutter and wrenched the bolt and broke it as well. It was gonna have to come off one way or another anyway.

I don’t know if she leaks yet. I’m concerned that she might have quite a few at the rivets but no visible holes or cracks. Someone had fiberglassed the rivets across the bottom from back to front in strips.

Plan is after I get the paint off is to reset the rivets with a sledge hammer siting on top and me below hammering the rivet back into place. Then JB Weld those rivets and then cover the entire lower half with Steelflex.

If anyone has ideas that might help me get this paint off faster or better way to seal the boat let me know.
The end game will be a gray boat with some blue carpet and just a deck up front supported by foam boards.