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Sounds like the situation I am in right now, storm passed through here over the weekend and my son who lives in my first home came by and said the roof is leaking into the master bathroom, said it started at 5:30 AM, he got floor cleaned up and the water stopped dripping from the ceiling but said ceiling is damaged, got to go over today to see where roof is leaking and make repairs, not what I want to do at my age (70) but too many roofing scumbags here as well, I feel your pain Sonny1.... ran another one away from my home who walked up trying to get us to inspect the roof, OMG they are so bad..
65 with two complete hip replacements along with bad back and knee. To see me climb a later is painful to watch. The local and county police departments are warning people about all the activity and to report any problems. The city is offering a list of respected contractors if you desire an inspection. Basically running the wanna bees out of town.
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Sonny, sorry to hear of your situation. I am glad no one was physically hurt by the storm. As already mentioned, kudos to you for talking it in stride and getting to repairs ASAP.
May you and your family Stay Safe!
There was a lot that got hurt. Watching a lady's house just south of us and feeding her dog while she is in the hospital. Tree fell on her while she was sleeping. House is secured with tarps to keep the weather out. I spent a small fortune and had some help securing her house.
Finally got around to fixing my roof. Been busy helping out other people that have it worse than me. Laid down some shingles and hose tested roof. No leaks. We are good to go. There are not enough pain pills and beer in this world to kill the pain I am in right now. Even my freaking fingers hurt. Did get the boat power washed and the front porch which looks a lot better now. My knee is swollen up and looks like a watermelon. Back is making funny noises even as I sit. Over all can't complain. Helped out a lot of people and myself. Wife is convinced am a loony tune but I think she likes it. Big Bad Biker has a heart. No Big Bad Motorcyclist has a heart. There is a difference.
Dent removal kit showed up Yesterday late afternoon. Nice beginners kit and will post pics later. Works great removed two dents from fiat . Works on boat but you have to be carefull.
Not bad. Have some experience with rods but have never used the hot glue equipment. Need to pick up some hardware for the rods. Did not come with any braces or holders no way to support the rods.IMG_1760.JPG Used it on the boat last night and took out two dents on the fiat. Going to be slow going but I have time. PDR light works great bright enough to use even outdoors. Very happy with it.
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I've found metal roofs are wonderful as you can just go over the existing shingles on the framing you did. Don't know how good they are at okie sized hail tho.

Look on the bright side Sonny--no tornado.
The metal roofs around here did not hold up. Some on the north side of Henryetta have baseball size holes. Had a F2 hit a few years ago. It missed the house but wiped out 2 acres of snow peas.
Just a footnote. 3 inches of rain and house is dry. Roof patch job worked. Now hopely the three patches on the boat have the same luck.
Glad to hear you are getting somewhere with this stuff; waiting to check my roof leak when it rains again.

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