Solid Rivets - Tools and Install Procedures

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Tin Man

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Oct 1, 2011
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Found this informative site while browsing for a small brass air regulator that mounts to air tool. Much of the content has been discussed on this website, but I learned quite a bit about air pressure for various rivet diameters, and differences between air hammers and air rivet guns.
Just did 4 1/4 inch solid rivets, first time. Used a HF air hammer, small sledge hammer & the correct rivet set. I tried 25 psi, air hammer wouldn't hammer, at 40 psi rivets got set, not pretty but nice and tight. Thank you everyone here that has posted tips & instructions.
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Interesting. I always use 90 psi, but I don’t squeeze the trigger hard, so it stays controllable. Maybe I should try with lower pressure, ha ha!

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