Spring Surprise


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Coons look cuddily, but if you ever have an opportunity to pet or touch one, their "fur" is like bristles on a broom and the babies constantly chew on everything in sight, including you hands and fingers. It never even occurred to me that they'd want to get into my boat. Sometimes I feel like such a doofus.

You guys got me hungry for some squirrel now, but truthfully those little buggers don't concern me much. The worst they do it dig a lot of holes in the yard in the fall when the nuts are falling.
Squirrels will do exactly the kind of damage that occurred to this boat. When they are building nests they love human materials like foam, cloth, string, etc. I’ve seen hammocks and lawn furniture that was destroyed by squirrels in just a few days.

Coons are usually looking for food but, I suppose they would be equally destructive if something caught their interest.
The citrus should make them nice and tender, too. I think the BBQ sauce does the same thing.

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