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Jul 16, 2023
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Winona MN
I have fallen neck deep into the vintage boat rabbit hole. Finishing up the TeeNee trailer restoration and now turning attention to the Feathercraft Ranger. I’m adding remote controls since it had only been tiller steered. I’ve decided to postpone the modern 4 stroke motor for a ’57 Johnson Javelin and this is where I’m losing control.

This boat will be in the shallow Mississippi back waters so I really need a tilt function. I’m looking into a tilting jackplate but this old motor doesn’t have the tube to insert the steering cable tube into so I would have to use a Clamp Mount kit however a tilting jackplate is going to affect the steering linkage.

Enter rabbit hole… Has anyone tried machining the early OMC motors to accept a modern tube for inserting the steering cable through?


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