What's your Favorite Place to Dock?


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Jan 21, 2014
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If you're spending the weekend on the water, you may find yourself searching for a quick bite to eat/drink, without interrupting your cruise time. Of course no one wants to cut a sunny day short to load the boat back on the trailer just to go grab some food.

There are many restaurants and shops along the coast that allow you to do just that! Here in South Carolina, we have many perfect spots in Charleston, Hilton Head, Fripp Island, Myrtle Beach and so many other local beaches.

Have you found a perfect spot for a quick detour without disrupting your water time? Tell us all about it!

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It depends where in my area I'm at, if by the Manahawkin bridge it's the Dutchmann's, a little closer to middle ground and dressed up it's Antonetta's and if out for the night I'm pulling up in the shallows by Fantasy island (LBI, NJ) and walking the couple of blocks to the Surflight theater for some first class entertainment and dinner next door.

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