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Apr 12, 2010
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Another GREAT giveaway from our friends and TinBoat Sponsor, Wired2Fish!

Nothing is hotter than a Chatterbait for pre-spawn and spawning conditions but Z-Man wants you to have all the tools for when they move offshore too. They now have a family of Chatterbaits that combines the same great Chatterbait action but with some added details that make them unique no matter what depth they are fished in.

New for 2020 is the Chatterbait Freedom CFL that combines the patented Z-Man Blade with a Freedom Tackle swing head football style body that allows the angler to get a little deeper and keep it there.

Molded from zinc, a hard metal, for durability it also has a very unique sound and allows for bottom contact even in deeper water. The CFL is paired with a super-strong VMC flipping hook that is interchangeable and a unique keeper that keeps your trailer pinned to the bait. The spider cut skirt allows for more lifelike action and this unique design keeps it in the strike zone longer. It can be fished through heavy cover easily too.

In this giveaway, we are going to give 5 winners a chance to win 6 baits each, one of each color they make.


Good luck.

This giveaway ends March 3rd, 2020. Good luck!

You may enter once per day per email address.


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