14ft Duroboat transom wood replacement project


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Nov 26, 2020
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My old 1990 or 1991 duroboat's transom was starting to look a little long in the tooth. I inherited this boat from my old man when he passed away about 4 years back now. Enjoyed this as is for a few years with a trolling motor on our lake after i built new deck flooring. But I've been getting the idea to put a 4 stroke outboard on here and with that in mind, I'm puttin in new plywood. Inherited a 8horse honda that's probably a 2000 or 1999, got it running and it oughta fit height wise.

Managed to remove all the old wood yesterday. Weird bracket holds the whole thing together, this was a definite DIY job by the previous, previous owner.

Gluing the new transom boards together today, two layers of 3/4 plywood cut to size. Once the glue is set, on to drilling with the old transom wood as the template.

Went and got new stainless hardware yesterday, should be good to go in that regard. Pictures are from before I took it apart and after. This thing is a little crusty. Considering stripping the paint and doing a new paint job with the self etching primer first. Probably need to take off all my rod holder mounts if I'm gonna do that job justice though...

Anyone here ever experiment with putting a sheet of aluminum on the outside of your transom wood to protect it? I've been thinking of finding some thin aluminum and putting it in place after sealing the exterior with epoxy.


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Agree and would likely trap moisture.

Seems to me the inside transom wood should span all the way across. Also wondering what those vertical aluminum T shapes are for.

For the years I've known this boat it's never had wood on the inside of the transom, just this weird steel bracket thingie painted silver. I'm certain that ain't factory original!

It's a weird old boat for sure... I reckon the T shaped pieces of aluminum are intended to give rigidity to the transom aluminum sheet. Plywood on the outside and aluminum on the inside.

The more I look at this boat the more it seems it's held together with ancient bondo or an equivalent. And a lot of pitting that seems gnarly! Has me wondering what a new 14 or 16ft boat would cost... Attaching a pic or two of the pitting for your pitying


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It may not have looked good, but my old boat's new transom wood is now epoxy coated, painted and installed with new stainless fasteners. Want to paint the hull with a new coat but I think I'll wait till next summer for that because the rain has started again.

Didn't put any sealant in the holes... probably gonna get some 3m 4200 to use eventually and partially disassemble to squirt some of that around each bolt/ hole.


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