15" transom JonBoat - what length shaft trolling motor?


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Jul 1, 2023
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Lee County Floirda
Lee County Florida
Hi, I just bought a used Jon boat (1436 sears) and am going to pay for this site and make a project, thats the plan. But to get me started I want to get a trolling motor that would be mounted center rear.
I see pictures where people get trolling motors with shafts too long and have to reach way up to control. I dont want to be that guy and want the trolling motor handle to be regular height of what a gas powed motor would be. I have the option of a 24" or 30" shaft, which one whould work best? Can the shafts of trolling motors be manuualy cut down and be functional?

Thanks guys, looking forward to this site.


Ill get some photos up later today.
Only you can tell by sitting in your boat, to your question...yes, they can be cut shorter to a limit. Gotta remember to allow enough to have that prop well under the surface. If you got a remote or pedal steer, then it wouldn't matter....
Hard to go too long on a trolling motor. I once saw a website that recommended the minimum length based on the boat, but I don't recall where it was
24" seems too short to me. Following is a chart with Minn Kota's recommendations for transom mounts. I'm going to take a wild a$$ guess that you your 1436 might have a 5" draft which would indicate either a 30" or 36" shaft.

MK Chart.png
Yea, after seeing this Im in the same boat of 30 - 36" should do it. I need to reenforce some ribs before I make it that far to get the motor. So I can kick this motor size around a bit. I think Ill measure out a broom stick and play with it. On a 30", is it 30" inches from the top of the motor to what, the base of the head, or the piviot?
Those stern mount motors have a lock collar for adjusting the height. So if you do get one too long (which is better than too short) you can adjust it to where you need it. There are also videos showing how to shorten the shaft tube if you want to go that route.
My 1648 has a 15” transom. My 1648 has a transom mount “Endura 50” TM, it is a 30” shaft model. It’s been on the boat and working fine for years.

On my 1648 a 30” is probably the shortest shaft TM you would want to use. See picture attached with it in the down position, this is the deepest it can be adjusted to run. Take note of the height of the TM tiller handle, it is sitting low like the Evinrude 25 next to it.

Like Challenger said, the locking collar feature of a Transom Mount TM, allows height or depth adjustment.


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Thank you Axhammer. Those measurements and the rear picture against the outboard are exaclty what I needed to see. Good to know that a 30 inch shaft is 30" from the base of the control unit to the center of the prop.
Airshot, measure twice cut once. Then again, dont cut too short. Ha
Challenger, I didnt know if the 30" measurent was based on the lock collar, Axhammers pictures helped on that.

Thank you for all the responses.