1957 Johnson 10hp back from the dead


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May 15, 2010
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This is the last year Johnson had the beefy 15/18hp gearcase on this engine making it about as bulletproof as you can get.
These engines ran extremely well with good idle characteristics and plenty of power to plane out and run at a decent clip on the boats it was meant for.
This one was sitting in my warehouse for quite a while until someone asked if I had one of these and would I sell it. The fellow it is going to has done a fantastic job of restoring an aluminum boat for it. Will shoot a pic or two as he is bringing the boat over today and picking up the engine.


Here are some photos of what the engine went on.
This is a 1957 Crestliner 14' hull. Boat came from Minnesota and the owner had it shipped to florida where it underwent a 2 month restoration. The job done on the boat was amazing!
The Trailer came from Tennessee. He picked it up on a long weekend and it also took another couple of months to strip, prime and complete. Gorgeous workmanship throughout.

Nice! I have a 57 Evinrude that purrs along but changed lower unit to a 1958 Evinrude lower. I might have to try and rebuild the 57s as it was jumping out of gear and I had the other laying around.
A top shelf rig like that needs the flying horse... My brother just found a 58 35hp out in Seattle with 2 hoods.... 2 emblems in reasonable condition.... I could be persuaded...?


Less best:
Shaugh - Give me your number and if it is okay I will pass it on to him? If not I will be a go-between.
I agree it needs one and he is on the hunt for one.
Also needs the recoil rope plate, spring, and clip but I think I know where to get one of those.
Got both emblems polished and restored.



It's interesting that the cracked one has much nicer gold leaf paint. It still looks like gold plate. Must not have been out in the sun as much. Will reinforce that crack with a thick bead of epoxy on the back.
Beautiful restoration on the boat and trailer, and the '57 10hp Johnson must have felt like it was coming home !

As always, great work.
Kismet - We think alike. I often think there are little mechanical "souls" in these old engines that would love to come back and see the sights again. Even more on the back of a period correct boat.
This Crestliner was a 1957 hull by the way. Cannot be anymore period correct than that!
I swear sometimes when I am looking at a potential engine to buy that I can almost hear them saying "will you take me and make me run again? I am sad and I want to be alive again and get back out on the water with you"

Call it whatever you want but they seem to talk to me as much as I talk to them.,

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