1960's 18 ft. Aroliner Corsaire


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Oct 24, 2012
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Hello all. I am very new to this forum, and very new to boating I'll state up front. I just purchased an 18 ft. Aroliner Corsaire that I'll be starting to refurbish shortly. It had a long life as a work boat. It's not the prettiest boat as shown in the pictures, but I like the style. I will have many questions I'm sure over time, and update over time with photos and details as the project progresses. Looks like I'm looking at paint removal, dent repair, interior and exterior cleaning, floatation foam, new flooring and seating, new transom, steering and controls. So just the small stuff then . . . :shock:

I've read the forums threads on paint stripping, but I'm looking for the least toxic method of doing this hopefully.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.
I know there's a big following of Aroliners,really like how they look as well.
Sorry,can't help you much with your question.
I will say that if your going to be painting it,there may be know reason to remove the paint,if it isn't flaking or peeling.
Yes, the transom will need a lot of work. As for the paint, I think I prefer the bare aluminum look, maybe with a stripe or other accent, but not completely painted. That seems to be what the majority of owners of Aroliners that I've seen have done as well. Could be talked into repainting if there is a benefit in terms of longevity, lake of corrosion etc. It will only be in fresh water lakes.

As stated, I'm a newbie to boating and refinishing, so I'm looking to determine the right order to do the work in. I'm thinking:

- dent work
- interior cleaning/scraping
- rivets - repair and seal
- exterior - paint stripping, aluminum finishing (sealant/buffing ?)
- Transom - repair/replacement (will probably use a professional for this. Debating Seacast or similar vs. marine plywood)
- Seating - new aluminum structure/layout for seats.
- Floatation - 2 part foam
- Flooring
- Electrical - required lighting etc.
- Steering system/controls
- motor

Any comments are appreciated.
Should also mention that the boat will be used mainly for transport to a cottage and cruising the lake. I'm sure we'll fish as well but that would not be the main use.
I would 1st give that decking a real good pressure washing then plug it up and fill with water to check for leaks. Followed by replacing the transom. Lots of topics on leak repair, rivets can be re-bucked or replaced pretty easily and required minimum outlay for tools. For paint removal I would find someone to soda blast or use a soft media blast such as walnut or plastic. Otherwise a good paint removal head like a course Scotch Brite pad on a angle grinder will be pretty fast along with some quality paint stripper. Check your wiring or just scrap it and start fresh. Steering controls seem to be in place. Decking can be wood or Aluminunm sheet riveted to the bracing would be great and last forever.

Looks awesome. Great project :)