1962 18hp Evinrude- please help


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After all these years of doing this I am hard pressed to tell the difference as long as you really pay attention to your .020 and by that I mean watch your points arm as you slide the feeler gauge in. Any movement by the arm to allow the feeler ga. in indicates an improper method and improper measurement. Takes a little while to get the feel for that but pretty easy to do. By far the most accurate way is to set your points then really dial it in with the timing pointer and VOM.
Copy. Understood. Thank you
Hey all! I got it to work great!! Adjusted the points to close and open on high side of the lobe. The points were at .020 360degree spin… changed that so they closed until high side comes around…. Fixed it! NOW it has a very healthy spark. Crazy… Runs great. Fuel not coming out of the front of the carb either. So great. Thanks everyone SO much. I appreciate your help more than you know. I wouldnt have fixed it without you all who responded
leaf valves could've been held open by debris too. "accidentally" cleaned it out when soaked in fuel on 1st attempt.