1984 Sea Nymph CC 191 w/ Mariner 90HP


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Quick Update - haven't had too much time to work on the boat lately, have a newborn at home! That said, I am on parental leave from work for the summer, so I am hoping to carve out some time for this project, too.

I started to disassemble the console and removed almost all of the old electrical equipment. I kept the ignition, remote controls, and the steering hooked up for now. I changed the oil in the lower unit, changed the spark plugs, and put a new fuel line with primer bulb on the quick connector to the motor. I stuck the other end in some fresh fuel, primed it full, choked it for 5-6 seconds, and turned it over. It sputtered for a couple seconds, blew some thick white smoke from all the fogging oil, and FIRED RIGHT UP. This thing has been sitting for like a decade. I am so pumped.

No water from the pee hole so I shut it right down. I have a new impeller for it, I'll drop the lower unit and make the swap.

This is a green light for me to proceed. Probably going to try to demo the floor this week and see what I have going on under there. I'll take some pics when I get some of the floor removed.

I followed the advice in this thread and blocked the transom up. Everything is supported while I work on it, I'll worry about the trailer later.
Demo started today. I took the wood off that the down rigger bases, rear cleats, rod holders, etc were all attached to. Teak (I think?) was old and crumbling apart. I plan to replace it with something more durable, maybe some kind of composite deck board or something.

I de-rigged the rest of the console and took that off. I still have the ignition harness, the trim harness, the steering and the shift/throttle cables attached to the motor, just free on the console side, taped up and flipped over into the splash well for now.


I have the console sitting on some blocks under the front of the tent. When it comes time to tackle that project I think I'll put it up on horses so I can get underneath it a little. I am reusing the steering wheel / helm, remote controls, and ignition switch - but am planning to clean up the console and update the dash. The console is huge, I wish it was a little smaller but I'm going to relocate almost all of the wiring under the console, including two batteries, fuse box, maybe some kind of charging system, so I'll probably appreciate the space, and the ability to keep all of that stuff out of the way and under cover. Anyway, I figure I'll be able to get a lot of that done with the thing on the ground instead of climbing the ladder in and out of the boat a thousand times and laying on my back for days.

The gas tank cleaned up pretty well. There is some gunk in the low end that I need to get out and the sending unit is junk so that will need to be replaced. Otherwise it looks solid and I'm confident about putting it back in the floor after I get that whole thing sorted out.


Hoping to get the floor and foam out this week. We'll see, its going to be like 95 degrees for the rest of the week so I don't know if that will deter me from working on this project, or motivate me so I can get out on the water sooner. With any luck, I can get some of the floor and vinyl out in big pieces so I can use that to map out the new pieces.

Next: floor comes out, foam comes out, clean the hull, new foam goes back in, flooring / rough wiring and plumbing starts.

Thinking about using the 2" pink foam insulation board stuff and packing as much in as I can. I can see some water sitting in the bottom of the hull, hopefully its not too bad when I open it up but I assume the foam is soaked and junk. One thing about this boat, is the drain hole is off center so it isn't in the lowest point, and the bilge doesn't drain completely when the plug is out. Annoying design flaw.

Thanks for the congrats, everyone is doing great over here!


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