1999 Starcraft Superfisherman Transom Restoration


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I finished it all up last week and got her ready for "sea trials"... aka fishing trip. I dunked her and we left it sit at the dock for a bit as I setup fish finders and prepped rods and lures for the morning. Checked the bilge area after 10-15 mins in the water, bone dry. I spot checked it through the 6-8 hours of fishing we did and not a drop in the bilge area. I'm stoked!

This was a heckuva job to do, but I feel the attention to details and making sure everything was right was well worth the extra time and effort. Here's a couple pics of the boat after our trip to the lake this morning showing the transom work and the purdy side of the boat.

Next project over the summer is some trailer work. Plan on replacing bunk carpets with plastic and I think I need new bunk brackets. Then onto hubs, some wiring, etc.

I will put another update up as a final and outline a few things I learned through this process and a couple "gotcha's".



Awesome! That is a nice rig all around. You did a heck of a job bringing that transom back to life.

Hopefully the following won't come across as a pesky. Consider caulking those joints shown below as part of the annual maintenance. Keep that new transom dry!

View attachment 120711

No need to feel pesky, I appreciate everyones input here. I'm no expert! As for those joints. Those two lips that roll over the entire thing are part of the splashwell assembly. What I did when I put it back in was run a heavy bead of 4200 just inside those edges underneath, as well as a bead down the entire length. When I dropped the splashwell in and got it all lined up, I had to take a rubber mallet and hammer it back down in place because its quite a bit tighter of a fit than it was originally (with that added 1/16" aluminum in there). When I did this, the sealant squeezed out all those places you pointed out. Made a helluva mess too.. lol. Probably a bit of overkill but as you pointed out, I want that wood to remain dry!

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