2015 Lowe 1448 or G3 1448


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Apr 23, 2015
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Turnersville, NJ
New member here looking for a new Jon. Narrowed it down to the Lowe 1448M or 1448 and the G3 1448lw. Can somebody help steer me either way and what should I look to pay for a 2015 model in each brand.
I called a dealer yesterday who said he didnt have any 14ft lowes in stock but does have a lowe 1648T with the rare factory aluminum floor. He did say it was a leftover and the quote he gave me sounded really good. Just about same price as a 1448. Does anyone have a pic of the lowe factory installed aluminum floor? Ive searched high and low and cant find any! Cost wise it would probably make sense to get the 1648 because the first project Id do would be a floor and by the time I purchase materials, Id be even on costs.

Just my opinion, but bigger is better. Assuming you have or will buy an appropriately sized engine to run the bigger boat, and you can acquire the bigger boat for a very good price..I wouldn't let "how the aluminum floor is mounted" have any influence.

If it fits and you can afford the larger engine, buy the bigger boat.

I've rarely heard anyone say that their boat is too big but often hear people saying "I wish I had a larger boat"

The floor is nice to have done already and the 1648 probably has a much larger platform up front compared to the 1448. My 1652 has the floor and sides but the sides aren't really necessary imo. If you fish with someone ese most of the time, go with the 1648. A 1448 or 1548 is fine for 1 person but can get crowded if you have 2 people and gear standing up fishing. Here's my 1652 with the console moved forward.


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My fishing boat is just too big, said no one ever :wink: I'd go with that 1648

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