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Nov 29, 2006
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Lets try this again and hopefully the winner will claim the prize this month!

Starts today, Ends on Aug 31, 2015

Please Read this before going forward: Monthly Giveaway Rules <---Click here!
If you do not follow the rules, You will not get the prize. Please don't make me feel bad. :LOL2:

Read the Rules above!
If you made at least 4 posts in July, 2015 you're eligible.
Moderators, you can get in on these contests too. They are not rigged, I swear.

Winner will be chosen by

Up for grabs is one of the few remaining, ultra rare, super cool, "got tin?" t-shirts. I have a few remaining in most sizes. Hopefully I have the winners size. I am not sure if we will print these ones again, so these might be collectors items! :LOL2:

I sport them all the time, I have a dozen or so. :LOL2:

So the winner will receive a TinBoats prize pack:

1, A very cool limited edition t-shirt
2, A Decal of choice (America or Aluminum)
3, A 36 inch Vinyl decal ruler for your boat or cooler or wherever you see fit
4, A promotional pack of Baits!


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