Megabass Big Gabot Giveaway!

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Nov 29, 2006
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Shrewsbury, MA
I'm feeling generous today and would like to giveaway a Megabass Big Gabot Hollow Body Frog to one lucky reader of You know the Megabass name, you know the quality, and you know the pain your wallet feels when you buy anything branded Megabass. :LOL2:

Sexy looking right? Will it work or is it an overpriced useless lure? I have no idea, I purchased two with the intent of fishing one and giving one away. I will circle back after I use it and let you know that it either catches fish or that I lost it on a fish, snag, or some other typical way I lose lures. :LOL2:


1, Reply with "IN" below
2, Optional - Humor me and read my article on the Megabass Big Gabot here:

I will use like I typically do. This is open to forum members and Facebook followers as well. Giveaway ends on 6/14/2020.
Never fished a hollow-body top water, but your review got me itching to fish one when the crappie bit dies down here in Kansas. I think the cutout to provide a "pop" under the jaw is pretty nice, but I'm a bass fishing newb.