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I’ve had the same thought before then I’d snap myself out of it thinking that’s private land or I wouldn’t want to walk through that brush to fish here.
Then just a couple weeks ago we were bass fishing and ventured into a cove I hadn’t been in. My friend says what’s that? I looked through the trees and said deer blind. This must be someone’s private hunting spot. We went a little farther and I commented look at that clearing it’s pretty as a golf course. Water stayed at 8’-9’ deep so I kept going and pitching my lure. Turned out to be a good spot.
Then I noticed a dock. Nice dock looked new. My farther said what are you doing? I said I’m going to pull a bass from under that dock. Sure enough I messed up and hung up on the dock. So I trolled over to it not paying attention. And just as I was about to put my foot on that dock I saw the purple paint. Then I noticed it on trees and pretty much all around. I immediately swung my foot back into the boat and shook the heck out of my rod and my lure came free. Looking at my partner saying that was close. Let’s fish our way out of here. He kept saying what’s wrong? Then it dawned on me he’s only been in Texas a couple of years and goes back up north for the summer.
Purple Paint is the ultimate no trespassing sign. I’m not 100% enough to quote the law but I used to live just down the road from where hay kept getting stolen. First purple paint went on the tops of some fence post. Then next thing I hear is the hay thieves were shot at night stealing hay.
I ask a local deputy if I used purple paint and saw someone break into my shop? He said after dark you will have the right to protect your property. We’re I lived then I had more land and my shop was about 100 yards from the shop.

I can remember fishing many an hour from the shore. Hear a boat , look up and say man if I only had a boat. When I finally got my first one I immediately started beating the banks bass fishing.

Didn't know about purple paint until I read your post. If we had something like that out here, stores would still be open and people who worked in them would still have jobs. Instead, retailers are not allowed to confront shoplifters. Crazy as heck.
Didn't know about purple paint until I read your post. If we had something like that out here, stores would still be open and people who worked in them would still have jobs. Instead, retailers are not allowed to confront shoplifters. Crazy as heck.
They don’t confront them here either. They take what ever their camera has and give it to the police and usually nothing happens.
Out neighbor is a manager at Lowes and there’s a guy that lives down the street from us that steels there all the time. Now he knows better than to even look at our places here. Oh my neighbor. She has purple paint on their privacy fence and a oak tree in the front yard as well as each coener of the property.
She’s always packing at least one 9mm. My sweet old mother before she passed away carried a .38 and could handle a 357. Welcome to Texas.
What type of fishing do you mainly do? I’ve switched from mostly bass to catfish and have a couple rigged up still for bass which I like the sensitivity of braid then. When I tournament fished 20+ years ago I used all Big game because of wear I’d have to pull those lunkers out of. As many times as I re spooled everything I couldn’t afford braid.
I think I’m going to end up going monofilament on my big catfish rods. I’m trying 40# hi vis on the biggest bait caster I have now.
I have a low profile Abu Garcia (Sweden) reel. I had 12# trilene monofilament on and was happy. But I tried Sufix 40lb. (To heavy but just happened to have ) braid on it. And the reel has never cast smoother or farther. And super sensitive feeling everything. I can barely put any power behind it and it will sail a small spinner or light plastic right where I’m aiming. My fishing partner has all spin cast and after a days bass fishing he wants to try a baitcaster now. By the end of the day I was flipping and pitching a small plastic crawl bait into holes in heavy cover and pulling fish out. Only draw back if I get hung up I won’t tear up my reel pulling to much and I also know better than to embed the line in my spool. So I’ll either troll over to it or wrap the line around a stick to try and break it. Either way spooking fish. When it’s time to change it I’m sticking with Sufix and a lighter test for my bass reels.
Sufix is expensive but I have cheaper braid on a couple catfish rods which is strong but doesn’t cast near as smooth.
LMB mostly however, crappy, perch, pickerel sometimes wind up in the boat.
I've found the best compromise is braid as a main line and your choice of mono/flouro leader. It will give you the sensitivity and longevity of the braid, along with the ease of tying and abrasion resistance of mono. I use the alberto knot to tie them together.

I've found most braid to be pretty similar, the exception being Fireline, it is fused into a single strand, gives it a little more memory and makes it easier to tie, big advantages in my book. I also pick high vis, I like to watch the line and the dark green stuff is very difficult to see.

I'm not picky at all about mono, most of it behaves pretty similarly in my experience. The big thing with mono, it has to be fresh. You want it to be slick and glossy, if it's dull or faded at all strip some off the spool to get to the fresh stuff. I've kept it out of the sun and it still fades for whatever reason.

I rarely use flouro so I can't comment much there.

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